When is The Rookie Season 6 Episode 4 coming? The new episode will air later and is reminiscent of a tough cop thriller

When is The Rookie Season 6 Episode 4 coming The

After more than five seasons, Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan from The Rookie can hardly be described as a rookie anymore, but he continues to learn diligently on the police force. The 6th season has been running since February, but fans of the series have to be patient. Because 12 days have passed since the last episode. When does The Rookie episode 4 continue?

Then comes The Rookie Season 6, Episode 4

The final episode of the new season premiered on March 4th. The 4th episode of The Rookie Season 6 will be released on March 27th in Germany on Sky/WOW *as always one day after the US broadcast.

The episode is titled Training Day and, according to The Wrap, has the following content:

It’s Officer Aaron Thorsen’s (Tru Valentino) first day back since the attack, and he’s tasked with a series of stressful cases to determine if he’s ready to work. Elsewhere, the team investigates a murder case with a possible connection to the Pentagram Killer.

Aaron was shot and put into an induced coma in the Season 5 finale. The title of the episode is reminiscent of the 2001 thriller Training Day, in which young cop Ethan Hawke spends a day driving around LA with veteran Denzel Washington and witnesses corruption and crime first hand in uniform.

The series will then return to its regular broadcast times. Episode 5 is called “The Vow” and will air on April 2nd in the USA and will be available in Germany.

This is how you can watch The Rookie Season 6

The new episodes of season 6 are released in the original English version every Wednesday on the streaming service WOW. German subtitles will follow in March and German dubbing will follow in May:

  • February 21, 2024: The Rookie Season 6 starts in the English original on WOW
  • March 6, 2024: German subtitles for The Rookie Season 6 on WOW
  • May 1, 2024: German dub of The Rookie Season 6 on WOW
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