When Bayrou puts his foot in the dish

Refusal of Francois Bayrou to enter the government We may

François Bayrou spiced up the second wave of appointments of the Attal government. Rumor had him joining the ministerial team, he chose to cut it short in a thunderous manner by denouncing a “ deep disagreement » with the executive method. François Bayrou stepped in.

François Bayrou played François Bayrou, just acquitted in the trial of the Modem parliamentary assistants which had plagued him for seven years, he is “ back on his horse » Béarnaise style, his pride slung over his shoulder, with an explosive but a little calculated exit all the same. Rather than waiting for the announcement of the casting of a government in which he would not appear, he slammed the door in Gabriel Attal’s face publicly and preemptively by declaring that he had refused the Ministry of the Armed Forces. He who imagined himself returning to Education for which, according to those around him, he has a clear vision: “ We can only change things with teachers, not without them “. But the Bayrou method was clearly not the Attal method. A minister says that they “ said it to each other “.

A rumor kept

The rumor had, however, been skillfully maintained in the last days before the reshuffle. In François Bayrou’s party, we are also wondering about the spread of this rumor. We even question the real desire of the executive to bring him into government. “ What is at stake is a battle for influence between the different lines trying to speak in the president’s ear. », Says a Modem executive. The Bayrou line is, to understand it, the democratic line which wants “ take the people on board “. And this is what would have pushed Mayor Pau to warn against “ the gulf that has widened between the province and Paris “. A disconnection from power which is the bedrock of the National Rally.

The trial of Parisianism and technocratism »

A criticism that surprised the majority, and even Modem. A Renaissance minister did not hesitate to point out the emotion of the centrist troops taken by surprise to minimize the impact of François Bayrou’s attacks on the government: “ He caused a small earthquake in his political family “, she says, ” there is a disconnect with its base “…

Those close to Le Palois tell another story. “ What he says is not unfounded… The trial of Parisianism and technocratism does not come from François Bayrou but from the French… It is not because we say the things that we must leave the majority “. Not to leave it, but to shake it up, by putting one’s foot in the problem, François Bayrou wanted to sound the alarm in the run-up to the presidential election. His fear: that the “ central block » victorious thanks to Macron in 2017, cedes the Élysée to the extremes in 2027.