WhatsApp exit that will be talked about a lot from Elon Musk: He said ‘cannot be trusted’, created an event on social media!

WhatsApp exit that will be talked about a lot from

According to Elon Musk’s claim, ‘WhatsApp cannot be trusted’. The famous billionaire claimed that WhatsApp cannot be trusted with a shocking tweet. The events unfolded like this:

A user named Foad Dabiri, who is said to be a Twitter engineer, shared a tweet claiming that the WhatsApp application was constantly using the microphone while he was sleeping.

Dabiri tweeted, “What’s going on WhatsApp has been using the microphone in the background (and it’s just part of the timeline!) since I was asleep and woke up at 6 am?” made statements.


The famous billionaire responded to the user, who claimed that WhatsApp was using the microphone in the background of his phone, by quoting his tweet and wrote:

“WhatsApp can’t be trusted”


While this exit of Musk was popular on social media, the famous billionaire replied to another user, who said, “It’s incredible that so many people don’t realize that WhatsApp belongs to Meta / Facebook.”

In this response, Musk mentioned that the WhatsApp founders left Meta/Facebook, started the #deletefacebook campaign and contributed greatly to the establishment of Signal, and that what they learned about Facebook and the changes in WhatsApp greatly disturbed them.

second answer

Musk then awkwardly tweeted, “Don’t trust anything, or even trust anything.”



WhatsApp made a statement on the subject on Twitter. The company under the umbrella of Meta stated that they are in contact with the Twitter engineer who shared a problem with the Pixel phone and WhatsApp, and explained that this may be a bug in Android, and they asked Google to investigate and fix it.

In the second tweet of the WhatsApp statement, he stated that users have full control over the microphone settings. are protected so WhatsApp can’t hear them.”