WhatsApp continues to work on its “favorite contacts” feature

Sounds will also be included in WhatsApp screen shares

Continuing to be the leader in the field WhatsAppas it turns out, is still working on its “favorite people” feature.

WhatsApp Coming soon to both mobile and web versionsfavorites” will add the section. This section, which will be located in the chat section, will contain the chat windows of the people you have added as “favourites”, so that those who are valued more than the other interviewed people can be quickly reached. Meanwhile WhatsApp is also said to be working to sync chat locks between connected devices. Android and iOS users can already lock their chats, but this locking process is not carried over to the Web, Windows and macOS versions. This will change soon, locks will be synchronized in real time between different platforms. WhatsApp recently started offering the feature of sharing content on channels as status. The company stated the following on this subject: “The new channels feature redirect to status has been introduced. Show the people you love content you love, like the latest news or sports updates. Whatever you’re looking at in Channels, easily share it on your status.”


WhatsApp It came to the fore with the fact that it would start offering pass keys for iOS before this facility will be opened to everyone soon. for Android WhatsApp Passkeys have been offered in the app for a long time. This feature is coming soon iOS (It is currently in beta versions) and will offer a more secure experience without a password.

So what are these pass switches? As long as Google The technology giant, which is one of the names that actively supports Apple He states the following on this subject: “A passkey is an encrypted entity that is not shown to you and is used instead of a password. A passkey consists of a key pair that significantly improves security compared to a password. A key is public, registered with the website or app you use.

The other key is private, held only by your devices. “Using strong, industry-standard cryptographic techniques, this key pair helps establish a strong, private relationship between your devices and the website or application.” WhatsApp’s “A simple way to log in securelydefined as ” The brief explanation he shared about the pass switches was as follows: “You can authenticate based on a passkey using your fingerprint, face or screen lock. Your passkeys are securely stored within Google Password Manager.” This very useful infrastructure, which does not require keeping a passkey / password in mind, receives very positive feedback from users.