WhatsApp announces ‘Chat Lock’ feature to like

WhatsApp announces Chat Lock feature to like

One of the most used instant messaging services in the world WhatsApp, announced the popular “Chat Lock” feature.

We continue to work to find new ways to help you protect the privacy and security of your messages. WhatsApp, new “Chat Lock” for the feature conveyed: “Today, there is a platform that allows you to add an extra layer of security to protect the privacy of your most intimate conversations. We’re excited to introduce a new feature called Chat Lock. Locking a conversation takes that conversation out of the inbox and places it in a private folder that can only be accessed with your device’s password or biometric information such as a fingerprint. It also automatically hides the content of this chat in notifications. This feature is useful for people who sometimes need to share their phone with a family member, or when a very special message arrives while your phone is in someone else’s hands. We think it will be extremely useful.


When you want to lock a chat, just tap the name of the one-on-one chat or group and turn on the lock option. When you want to unlock these chats, slowly pull down your inbox and enter your phone password or biometric information. Over the next few months we will continue to improve Chat Lock by adding new features such as locking for secondary devices and creating a custom password for your chats and using a different password than your phone password. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Chat Lock that is now available.”