WhatsApp adds new text formatting options

WhatsApp, which continues to be the leader in the field, is starting to offer new text formatting options that it has been testing for a long time for everyone.

Four new text formatting options have been added to WhatsApp to help users communicate with each other more effectively or better. Here are all the formatting options available along with the new ones (it may take time to open to everyone): happened:
To italicize your message, add underscores before and after the text:

To make your message bold, add asterisks before and after the text:

To make your message strikethrough, add a tilde before and after the text:

To make your message single-spaced, add three backslashes before and after the text:

bulleted list
To add a bulleted list to your message, place an asterisk or dash and a space in front of each word or sentence:
* text
* text
– text
– text

numbered list
To add a numbered list to your message, place a number, period, and space in front of each line of text:
text 1
text 2

To add a quote to your message, place an angle bracket and a space in front of the text:

inline code
To add inline code to your message, place a backslash on either side of the message:


Other innovations for service are also on the table. For example, a privacy feature that is currently being actively tested will prevent taking screenshots of profile photos when it is released. For those who try to take a screenshot of their profile photo, “Unable to take screenshot due to app restrictions” The company will display the warning and will activate this feature for everyone soon.

WhatsApp, WABetaInfo It will also provide a visual update on the status, which is not overused as far as it is found by. For situations shared in the new design There will be a larger previewIn this way, shared content can be viewed more easily before opening.

The company also updated the interface specifically for channel lists.Secret Code for Chat Lock” It will also bring its infrastructure to the web version soon. For example, WhatsApp will soon add a new version to both its mobile and web versions.favorites” will add the section. This section, which will be located in the chat section, will contain the chat windows of the people you have added as “favourites”, so that those who are valued more than the other interviewed people can be quickly reached. Meanwhile WhatsApp is also said to be working to sync chat locks between connected devices.