what will happen after the withdrawal of Minusma from Kidal?

what will happen after the withdrawal of Minusma from Kidal

Minusma closes its eighth camp out of a total of thirteen in Mali. The Kidal base closed this Tuesday two weeks before the initial scheduled departure date. There is no longer a UN base in this north-eastern region of Mali and all eyes are now on the belligerents on the ground.

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With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

By taking control three weeks ago of the town of Anéfis, located around a hundred kilometers from Kidal, one could think that the Malian army and its partners from Wagner, a Russian paramilitary company, intended to advance from the start of the war. Minusma to take control of his Kidal camp. It was not the case.

Are they preparing to unveil a new strategy? By controlling the town of Annéfis, further south, and that of Tessalit further north, will they create a mobile front line to advance towards Kidal, which the peacekeepers have just left?

On site, the rebels grouped within a coalition called CSP-PSD already had the keys to the city in hand. They have been on site since Tuesday.

Will hostilities resume? Recently, Malian Prime Minister Choguel Maïga hammered out in public: “ We are determined to control the entire extent of our national territory », clearly by force if necessary.

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The rebels say they are ready to defend themselves. While awaiting further events, the Kidal region is emptying of its population. Many civilians have already found refuge in a neighboring country, Algeria.