what we know about the funny affair which embarrasses a senator who held high office

what we know about the funny affair which embarrasses a

The Chained Duck reveals that a blackmailer has been operating in the Senate for several years. In his possession? A video filmed with his phone in which we could see, according to the weekly, a senator having fun in his office.

Sensitive matter. In its issue of Wednesday February 7, The chained Duck reveals a disturbing affair to say the least. At the heart of it: a sex tape. The video, filmed by one of the two medical assistants of the Senate doctor, would have served as a means of pressure within the upper house in recent years. According to the satirical weekly, Gérard Larcher has been exposed to this sensitive affair for several months already. The chained Duck claims that it was the Senate doctor who sounded the alarm. It was mid-October 2023.

In an email sent to the Senate’s director of human resources, the doctor allegedly complained about the behavior of one of his medical assistants. Immediately summoned by HR, the doctor confided the hell his subordinate had put him through over the last two years. According to The chained Duckthe medical assistant said she was “protected” by a particularly influential parliamentarian, and even “untouchable”, claiming to have, thanks to her video, the power to “get anyone fired”.

These accusations were taken very seriously so much so that four days later, the Senate doctor was received by the highest official of the house, namely the secretary general of the questure. At his side, the HR manager but also the general director of administration, the weekly still believes. The doctor was then asked to give them a copy of the sex tape. A film, that The chained Duck also assures to have authenticated, in which a senator who would have “occupied high functions” would be in full frolic, “pants on socks”, it is specified.

Problem, in the wake of these declarations, the doctor would have been targeted by a dismissal procedure “without notice or compensation”. A new blow for the health professional who had never been accused of anything in five years of activity in this position. He would be accused in particular of a half-day absence for which he had not given notice or of holding shares in a family real estate company. While neither the doctor nor his lawyer and even less the presidency of the Senate wished to react after the requests of the famous web-footed bird, the weekly reveals that in addition to these pressures on the doctor, the blackmailer would have managed to obtain the position medical assistant via the senator involved in the video, as well as an increase of… 45%.