What training can we do with the CPF?

What training can we do with the CPF

Professional training for employees is an opportunity to seize to acquire new skills and guarantee your success in the market. The CPF (Personal Training Account) was created to finance training for employees, job seekers and self-employed workers. What training is available with the CPF?

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Employees must train throughout their careers in order to stay up to date on their skills and make a difference in the job market. The CPF is a public device, accessible to all, making it possible to finance training courses chosen by the employee, in addition to those that may be offered to him by his company.

What is the CPF device?

The CPF lists the rights acquired by the employee throughout his working life and until his retirement. The rights remain acquired even in the event of a change of employer or loss of employment. For a full-time employee, the rights credit is up to € 500 per year of work, up to a ceiling of € 5,000. In the previous system, training rights were counted in hours.

The CPF concerns all professional situations (employees, liberal professionals, public officials or self-employed workers).

Moncompteformation is a platform accessible online by employees. It identifies the training courses they can benefit from through the system.

You will find all the information on the CPF system on the website of the public service.

What training is available with the CPF?

The CPF mechanism makes it possible to finance training courses, but not all those that exist on the market. There are conditions to theeligibility funding. Indeed, training must be recognized as qualifying or certifying to be financed by the CPF.

The training courses eligible for the CPF must have very specific objectives. These are courses aimed at:

  • to acquire specific qualifications (diploma, professional title, certification professional etc.)
  • to validate their acquired experience (VAE)
  • to carry out a skills assessment
  • to create or take over a business
  • to acquire the skills necessary for the exercise of volunteer or civic service volunteers

The CPF also helps finance con B permit (driving license code and practical test), C (heavy goods vehicle license) and D (public transport license). In these cases, obtaining the permit must be consistent with the achievement of professional objectives linked to obtaining the permit.

How do I know if a course is eligible for the CPF?

As the CPF is an individual platform, it is up to each person to log into their account to consult their training rights.

There are several platforms listing the training courses eligible for the CPF:

My Training Account

It’s here official platform. You will find your training balance, given in euros, as well as a search tool with filters to find the course that suits you. From this platform, it is possible to register directly for the chosen course.

Other platforms

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