what topics are likely to fall?

what topics are likely to fall

BREVET MATHS 2023. The mathematics test for the 2023 college patent will take place in the afternoon of Monday, June 26. Find the subjects that should probably make up the test, as well as the complete subjects of the 2022 patents, in the general and professional series.

[Mis à jour le 19 mai 2023 à 14h24] Feared by many students for its very demanding nature, the mathematics test for the college certificate is nonetheless essential for obtaining a diploma. It is indeed marked out of 100 points. As a reminder, it takes at least 400 to obtain its patent. This year, the math test will take place on Monday, June 26, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The students will have to solve a series of exercises relating to the concepts covered during their schooling. There will necessarily be an algorithmic exercise.

In 2022, the college patent math test consisted of five exercises, which were scored on 20 points each. As often in class, many exercises were simulations. Thus, the students were called upon, through their knowledge of mathematics, to solve problems on a distribution of Pokémon cards or to solve problems with leaks in a bathroom. What subjects should we expect this year? Find below the notions of mathematics which should most likely be covered in the exercises for the 2023 patent test.

During the patent mathematics test, students are assessed on the concepts they have studied since 5th grade. The objective is also to check that they have mastered the skills “research”, “modelling”, “representing”, “reasoning”, “calculating” and “communicating”. It is therefore important to keep in mind that, during the math test, the corrector will not mark you only on the fact that you obtained the correct result, but also on the reasoning which led you to obtain this result, and the clarity with which you presented your development.

The online tutoring site digischool.fr has compiled a list of math concepts that should most likely be part of the exercises for the 2023 patent math test. Here they are:

  • Literal calculation : recognize and use remarkable identities, know the expansion and factorization, know how to solve a 1st degree equation
  • probabilities : know the terms to use to talk about statistics, know how to calculate a simple probability…
  • Proportionality : know how to establish and use a proportionality table, recognize a situation of proportionality in an exercise…
  • Linear and affine functions : know the difference between a linear function and an affine function, their properties, know how to study a function from a graphical representation, know their properties…
  • Percentages : know how to calculate percentages, know how to put them in situation in an exercise…
  • Triangles and trigonometry : know the properties of triangles, know how to apply the theorems of Pythagoras and Thales, calculate lengths and measures of angles using the cosine, the sine and the tangent….
  • Algorithm and programming : know the vocabulary relating to algorithms, know how to recognize the different steps of an algorithm, assign a value to a variable…

In addition to these “very probable subjects” for the 2023 patent math test, digischool.fr notes fractions as “probable subjects”, and geometric transformations as “unlikely subjects” as well as geometry lessons relating to spheres and balls. But these concepts can very well be approached in a succinct way in an exercise relating to a more important subject. Finally, the online tutoring site recommends to revise your notions of numerical calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), but also to know the different sizes and measures and to know how to convert them between them. Enough to allow you to approach the math test with serenity and, above all, by putting the odds on your side!

Each year, the corrected subjects are particularly sought at the end of the tests, the candidates trying to anticipate their mark by comparing the answers they have delivered with those proposed by the correctors. And generally, the corrected maths are not debatable. Discover below the 2022 math answers (general patent and professional patent), made available by our partner Studyrama :

The math answer key for the general patent

The math answer key for the professional certificate

As every year during the college patent exams, we have distributed copies of the mathematics subjects for the 2022 patent with our partner Studyrama. Here are all the exercises proposed for the general certificate and the professional certificate and the problems posed to candidates in 2022:

Maths subjects for the general patent

Maths subjects for the professional certificate

At the patent, the value of each test is not calculated on the basis of a coefficient, but with a counting of points. As a reminder, you can obtain a maximum of 800 points during the patent. You need a minimum of 400 points out of 800 to pass. Then, when you collect more points, you can get mentions: you need at least 480 for the mention fairly well, at least 560 for the mention well, and 640 for the mention very well. The math test can pay out up to 100 dots, it is therefore very important.

The results of the patent will be unveiled in early July. According to the academies, the date of communication differs. For 2023, it is to be expected that the results of the college patent will be communicated between Friday July 7 and Tuesday July 11, 2023. After the results, a republican patent graduation ceremony is organized at each start of the school year for the winners in their college. The academies, in connection with the educational establishments and the elected officials of the territory – mayors, departmental councilors, etc. – organize, each year, an official presentation of the diplomas obtained the previous year.