what the Yassine Belattar controversy reveals – L’Express

what the Yassine Belattar controversy reveals – LExpress

The Elysée isolates, the function isolates, even politics, ultimately, isolates. The most disconnected of the Presidents of the Republic must have noticed that one did not enter the Palace like a mill and that the information reached their ears, sometimes diminished, often distorted. Of course, the era of polls has given some people the illusion that a careful reading of the latest published study could offer a fairly precise idea of ​​the state of opinion on a particular subject tested. Emmanuel Macron makes no mistake. Although he assiduously goes through the notes of the institutes, reads the press and revises his little illustrated Fourquet, he knows these tools are insufficient to understand this eruptive and fractured French people.

So, “he makes sure to have 1,000 sensors,” whispers one of his advisors. Which he solicits according to his desires and the tensions which agitate the country. This is how the host and comedian, Yassine Belattar, a few days before the march against anti-Semitism, crossed the Elysee gates to meet two advisors to the Head of State, according to information from L’Express. Because it was important for the president to “take the pulse of the neighborhoods”, which he fears will flare up since the Hamas terrorist attack and the Israeli army’s response have reignited tensions there. And because Belattar is, according to the Elysée, a “resource person”.

The fact that the person concerned made ambiguous comments about the conflict and its media-political treatment in France, that it created, a priori, more resentment than unity was not enough to cause the cancellation of the meeting. Please… draw me the opinion. Even when it comes to giving a pencil to the one who seems to be blowing on the embers? “Losing a single sensor would give the impression of losing them all,” continues our interlocutor cited above. But choosing, prioritizing, isn’t that the job of advisors? How naive! Lucid, Emmanuel Macron knows he is cut off from reality, so… give him all the opinions! Listen without missing anything, to the left, to the right, to the middle, to the bottom… Here the “at the same time”, originally defined as “the best of the right and the left”, becomes stale. Listen, certainly, but really hear? This president has no past except that, inevitably biased, of six years lived in what was long called the Castle. But he is certain that he “knows the country for two”. Certainty, or illusion.