what the RN vote says about France – L’Express

what the RN vote says about France – LExpress

In this new episode of La Loupe, Céline Delbecque, journalist in the Société de L’Express department, looks at the voting map and what it can teach us, after the European elections which saw the National Rally win by a wide margin in France.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation and writing), Jules Krot (editing and direction)

Credits: TF1, Brut, Le Parisien

Music and dressing: Emmanuel Herschon/Studio Torrent

Image credits: Julien de Rosa/AFP

Logo: Anne-Laure Chapelain/Benjamin Chazal

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Charlotte Baris: 93%, this is the share of French municipalities which placed the National Rally list led by Jordan Bardella at the top…

Céline Delbecque: Quite Charlotte. In all, 32,600 municipalities overwhelmingly supported the RN list out of a total of 35,000. It’s a huge number and, moreover, it can be seen very clearly on the maps that I brought you. If we look at the scale of the regions, you see that the entire map of France is colored dark blue: this means that in all regions of France, the National Rally is at the head of the votes, with records locally, as in Corsica or in Hauts-de-France where the list obtained more than 40%… But the reality is a little more complex if we narrow the focus and look at the municipal level. I’ll explain to you why.

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