What is the “Sneaky Link”, this new type of trendy relationship close to Sex Friends?

What is the Sneaky Link this new type of trendy

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    After “Sex Friends” and “Friends with Benefits”, come “Sneaky Link”, a term which refers to people who see each other in secret. Explanations.

    Do you know the Sneaky Link? This is a new term that appeared on social networks, given in case of a secret relationship. An update on this type of relationship, with Emma Hathorn, dating expert for the dating site seeking.com.

    Discreet and unserious relationships

    It is on social networks, and in particular on the Tiktok platform, that the term “Sneaky Link” (a combination of the verb “link”, which means “to link” in French, and the adjective “sneaky”, which means say “secret”) has become more popular in recent months. It became particularly popular thanks to the song “Sneaky Link”, by the artist HXLLYWOOD.

    But what does this expression really mean?

    According to dating expert Emma Hathorn, the “sneaky connection” is “thehe term given to a secret relationship between two people, usually in the context of romantic or sexual relationships“. It allows in particular “to maintain discreet relationships and avoid serious commitments“.

    The expert adds that “Sneaky Links” differ from “Sex Friends” or “Friends with Benefits”, in relation to the nature and level of commitment of the relationship.

    “Sneaky Links” are often secret and discreet relationships, “Friends with Benefits” are friends who add a sexual component to their friendship, while “Sex Friends” are primarily focused on mutual sexual satisfaction without necessarily maintaining a relationship. friendship.”

    The biggest advantage of the “Sneaky Link” relationship? Its secret aspect.

    There is no need to wait for the “validation” from his friends about the partner in question, or even to hear them comment on his character.

    The facet “hidden” of this relationship also adds a certain dose of excitement, mystery and unexpectedness, making the moments special.

    The rules vary depending on the couple

    If the term “Sneaky Link” is precise enough; each “secret” couple has its own mode of operation.

    Each of these terms has its own distinct characteristics which may vary depending on the agreement between the partners. From expectations to desired goals to personal desires, each partner carries with them a unique set of emotional needs, values, and past experiences that shape their expectations and desires in a relationship.

    Not everything is rosy in the land of secret relationships: one of the partners may develop feelings, resentment or it becomes difficult to maintain the secret in front of friends, family, etc.

    “It is therefore imperative to take the time to understand these individual nuances and share them openly with your partner from the start of the relationship. With honest communication, partners can align their expectations, identify potential areas of compromise and foster mutual understanding. fulfilling relationship, built on mutual understanding and meeting each other’s needs“, concludes Emma Hathorn.