what is the scale of the mobilization?

what is the scale of the mobilization

More than half of the schools closed this Thursday, January 13? This is what the first primary union is planning for this day of teachers’ strike. Here is where the events are organized.

[Mis à jour le 12 janvier 2022 à 15h20] At 3 weeks before the 2022 presidential election It is now a certainty: the teachers’ strike this Thursday, January 13 will be closely followed by the faculty. In what extent? We have to wait for official data from the Ministry of Education, which will not be available until mid-morning this Thursday, but it is clear that the movement will be followed. According to projections, the first primary union, the SNUipp-FSU, “more than 75% of teachers” will be on strike, and “more than half of the schools will be closed. Teachers are called upon to strike in protest of the health protocol set up in schools with few resources to support such logistics.

The SNUipp-FSU union is at the origin of this call to strike, it was joined by most of the other teaching unions: the FCPE, SE-UNSA, SNES-FSU, Snalc, CGT Educ’action, SUD Education, FO and SGEN-CFDT. This is a “historic mobilization” to express “the fed up with working conditions which deteriorate even further with the huge mess created by the various health protocols but also by contempt and lies. permanent staff of the Minister of Education “, cingle the SNUipp-FSU in a press release.

The FCPE, the parents’ federation, also saw fit to call for support for this movement and asked parents not to put their children in school. “Usually, we parents try to temper things. But this time, we will be the first to mobilize ourselves in the face of these beautiful stories that have been told us for two years. […] It is a historic meeting, the whole of the educational community wants the State to finally put the means “indicated in Parisian Carla Dugault, co-president of the FCPE. Parents have already been warned, if everything has been done in the rules, of the closure – or not – of their child’s class this Thursday by school officials.

At the call of the unions, teachers are called to leave the classes to demonstrate in the street. Processions must start in the big cities of France. It is in Paris, Lyon and Marseille that the processions should be the most extensive this Thursday, January 13, 2022. The Unsa Education union has put online a map of France with all the demonstrations of teachers identified for this day of the 13 January. We relay it below:

  • In Paris, the procession must start at 2 p.m. in the Luxembourg Gardens, where the Senate sits. It is in this hemicycle that the text of the law on the health pass is examined this week.
  • AT Lyon the procession will leave at 2 p.m. from the DSDEN du Rhône to the prefecture.
  • AT Marseilles, the demonstrators leave at 10:30 am from the Porte d’Aix
  • AT Lille, start of the event at 2:30 p.m. Porte de Paris
  • AT Bordeaux, the procession sets off at 12 noon Place de la Victoire
  • AT Nantes, the event starts at 11 am Place du Maréchal Foch

Why are the teachers going on strike this Thursday, January 13?

The very active circulation of the epidemic and the multiplication of cases of contamination and contact cases has pushed the government to establish a braking strategy articulated around tests. If a case of Covid is detected in a class, all students must carry out 3 self-tests over 5 days. Despite the relaxations made to the school health protocol (no PCR test, no renewal of the process within 7 days in particular), the unions believe that the government is resting the effort to counter the epidemic in an untenable manner on children and the teaching body. “It’s a puzzle,” Nageate Belahcen denounced on France Info, which listed several very concrete demands: “We are asking for additional material resources to protect students and educational staff. […] We are also asking for surgical masks for students, it becomes a budget for families. We are asking for either priority slots for students and their families, or saliva tests. We ask that the school budget be a priority because the situation demands it. “The FCPE also requests that CO2 sensors and air purifiers be installed in the establishments and wants the executive to remove all administrative obstacles: “We are between a rock and a hard place, meaning that the government refers us to the communities and the communities refers us to the government. It is not for us to make this kind of decision, “argued Nageate Belahcen.

The CGT does not say anything else, in its press release posted online on its website : “Despite an unprecedented amplification of the epidemic, the School does not benefit from the protective organization that would be necessary to ensure the safety of students, staff and their families. pedagogical arrangements make learning conditions difficult. A shortage of replacements, management of tests and student absences greatly degrades working conditions “.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, regrets that teachers are giving up lessons this Thursday, January 13. “I know there is a lot of fatigue, nervousness. […] It’s a shame to have a day that will further disrupt the system “, he commented on BFMTV on Wednesday, considering that” we do not strike against a virus “.