What is the price of a roof per m²?

What is the price of a roof per m²

The installation, repair or replacement of a roof often requires a fairly large investment. What budget should you plan for roofing work? Estimate potential expenses based on the price of a roof per m², or request roof quotes directly.

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More than just protection against bad weather, the roof is an essential element of any home. The roof covering contributes to the aesthetics and thermal insulation of a house. As the roof is available in a wide range of models to choose from, its price per square meter remains highly variable. So how much does a roof cost per m²? What is the price of a roof in tile ? What budget to plan for a roof in slate ? This page gives you all the answers to these questions.

What is the price of a roof?

The price of a roof per square meter depends above all on its surface, the roof covering chosen, the quality of the materials used and finally the type of frame. The budget to plan for the purchase of a roof covering obviously depends on the roof model that interests you.

The different types of roof

For the roof covering of a house, a wide choice of roofs is presented to you. According to your preferences and your budget, but also according to the PLU (Plan Local d’Urbanisme) of your municipality, you can opt for one of the following roofs:

  • Tiled roof : affordable and efficient coverage;
  • Slate roof : aesthetic cover taking advantage of a duration high life;
  • Roof in steel pan: resistant roofing, particularly suitable for collective buildings and low slope roofs;
  • Zinc roof : cover resistant tooxidation and sustainable;
  • Fiber cement roof : entry-level roof, suitable for an uninhabited building;
  • Roof in concrete: recommended cover to create a roof terrace solid ;
  • Polycarbonate roof : light and transparent cover especially used for verandas and the pergolas ;
  • Roof in fiber cement: affordable and easy to install cover;
  • Green roof : aesthetic and insulating cover;
  • Glass roof : cover recommended for verandas with a solid structure;
  • Corrugated iron roof : affordable cover especially suitable for garden sheds and farm buildings.
  • Roof in shingle: cover in shingle asphalt suitable for different types of buildings;
  • Thatched roof : natural weatherproof cover;
  • Shingle roof drink: natural roofing in shaped and worked planks;
  • Roof in photovoltaic tiles : cover incorporating solar cells.

Price of a roof per m2

The budget to plan for the purchase of a roof depends on its characteristics, in particular its material Manufacturing. On average, the price of a roof per m² is between 5 and 150 € (excluding installation).

The table below details the roof models for you, as well as their purchase cost:

Roof typePrice of a roof per m2
Tiled roofBetween 15 and 35 €
Slate roofBetween 20 and 70 €
Steel deck roofBetween 10 and 60 €
Concrete Tile RoofBetween 15 and 35 €
Polycarbonate roofBetween 10 and 30 €
Concrete roof (roof terrace)Between 40 and 80 €
Shingle roofBetween 10 and 20 €
Fiber cement roofBetween 10 and 20 €
Zinc roofBetween 40 and 70 €
Corrugated iron roofBetween 5 and 30 €
Wood shingle roofBetween 10 and 40 €
Glass RoofBetween 80 and 150 €
Green RoofBetween 15 and 75 €
Roof in photovoltaic tilesBetween 900 and 2,000 €
Thatched roofBetween 100 and 150 €

What is the cost of installing a roof?

The installation, replacement, repair, repair and maintenance of a roof are often carried out by a roofing craftsman. The rates for a roofer vary depending on the work to be done. For redoing a roof, the average price applied is between 180 and 250 € per m².

Let’s find out together what are the prices of roofing work in France:

Type of workBudget to plan
Roof repairBetween 180 and 250 € per m²
Roof replacementBetween 30 and 150 € per m²
Installation of a roof with frameBetween 80 and 320 € per m²
Structural repairBetween 60 and 160 € per m²
Roof waterproofingBetween 25 and 90 €

What does the cost of a roof depend on?

The cost of a roof per m², you will understand, can range from ten to a hundred euros.

In fact, the price of roofing work depends on various parameters, including:

  • the type of roof and its specificities;
  • the work to be done;
  • the tariff of the roofing craftsman or the carpenter;
  • the area of ​​the house to be covered;
  • the’thermal insulation of the roof.

To obtain a precise estimate of the budget to be planned for your project, do not hesitate to ask for roofing quotes. It is a free process, and which allows you to be certain of your choice of roofer and roof.

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