What is the LFI deputy risking?

What is the LFI deputy risking

QUATENNENS. The LFI deputy is summoned to the Lille court on December 13 for an appearance on prior admission of guilt, after admitting that he had slapped his ex-wife.

[Mis à jour le 21 novembre 2022 à 19h51] This is a new major twist in the Quatennens affair. The deputy of La France insoumise, who had admitted in September via a press release to having slapped his ex-wife, is summoned before the Lille judicial court on December 13 for an appearance on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC), according to information from BFM TV confirmed by theAFP. The Lille prosecutor’s office has thus decided to submit Adrien Quatennens to a plea-guilty procedure in the case of the violence against his ex-wife. A procedure that the LFI deputy accepted, as indicated by his lawyer Me Jade Dousselin in a communicated released Monday, November 21.

The Lille prosecutor’s office held against Adrien Quatennens the slap to his wife of which he admitted being guilty, but also the large quantity of SMS he sent her after their separation. His lawyer, on the other hand, indicated that the prosecution did not hold against him the offense of “harassment”. In his press release, Me Jade Dousselin recalled that the slap took place “more than a year ago in a context already mentioned of mutual aggressiveness”. Regarding the SMS, the lawyer also repeated that “the absence of maliciousness had already been recognized”.

“As he was able to specify in his press release dated September 18, he was able to indicate during the investigation with the police and the Justice the reciprocity of the tensions within his couple”, added Me Jade Dousselin . The CRPC is a simplified procedure that is offered to persons who have committed minor offenses who have admitted the facts of which they are accused. As explained BFM TV, Adrien Quatennens will be offered a legal sentence on December 13 in response to the facts he admitted to having committed. If he accepts it, it will then be sent to a judge for approval. In the event of refusal by the LFI deputy, he will be summoned before the Lille Criminal Court on March 24, 2023.

Regarding the slap that Adrien Quatennens admitted to having committed against his ex-wife, there are several types in the law. First there is the slap being considered “simple”, “like light violence”. It is defined by article R 624-1 of the Penal Code, which regulates intentional violence that has not resulted in total incapacity for work. It is sanctioned with a maximum fine of 750 euros. But a slap can also be qualified as “more or less aggravating voluntary violence”, this assessment being evaluated according to the number of ITT (more or less than eight days).

Thus, violence resulting in an ITT of less than or equal to eight days (even 0) is punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros when committed against a spouse. Violence resulting in an ITT for more than eight days is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros when committed against a spouse. Regarding the text messages sent by Adrien Quatennens to his ex-wife after their separation, it is difficult to establish whether they will be the subject of a legal penalty because the offense of “harassment” has not been brought against him. , and that “the absence of malicious character had already been recognized”, as indicated by his lawyer in a press release.

1: A handrail and recognized acts of violence

The Quatennens affair began on September 13, with the publication of an article by Chained Duck referring to the filing of a handrail performed a few weeks earlier by Céline Quatennens. The Quatennens couple had then published a press release the same day, regretting having learned “by voice of lawyers” that the prosecution had taken up the facts.

On September 18, Adrien Quatennens published a new press release, in which he admitted to acts of violence, “in the context of a conflicting divorce”. He then, in the process, withdrew from his function as coordinator of La France Insoumise. He had notably admitted having “gave a slap” to his wife, “a year ago”, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness”, claiming to have “deeply regretted this gesture”.

2. Judicial investigation into Adrien Quatennens

And as one could logically expect, the prosecution took legal action in the case by requesting the launch of an investigation. The prosecution regularly decides to obtain clarification from an investigation when it comes to a family dispute to ensure that the desire not to file a complaint is real and that there is no situation of psychological influence. It’s even the procedure to follow by police officers in the event of suspicion of domestic violence. And this, even if the two people making up the couple expressly ask that there is no legal action.

3. New handrail by Céline Quatennens

A new handrail was then filed by Céline Quatennens for harassment by SMS. Jade Dousselin, the lawyer of the deputy LFI, then specified in a press release sent to the Parisian that this new daybook “limits itself to evoking SMS transmitted by my client within the framework of their separation”, which “contain no message of a malicious or threatening nature”.

4. Adrien Quatennens heard by the investigators, his ex-wife files a complaint

Adrien Quatennens was heard by investigators, as reported franceinfo Saturday October 1. The lawyer of the LFI deputy indicated that his client had been heard, on September 26, at the Lille police station, in the investigation for domestic violence which targets him. According to information from JDD, Adrien Quatennens was heard in an open hearing. The parliamentarian admitted to investigators that he slapped Céline Quatennens in 2021, squeezed her wrist on August 28 and injured her elbow on September 2. Adrien Quatennens also admitted to having sent numerous SMS messages to his wife, but indicated, according to information from BFM TVhaving stopped writing to him, after a request made on September 23.

On September 26, his ex-wife Céline Quatennens decided to file a complaint against her husband, according to information reported by Latest news from Alsace the 3rd of October. The entourage of Adrien Quatennens explained that she “returned to the police station on September 26 to say that she wanted to change her two handrails into a complaint”, before specifying that this complaint “concerns the same facts”.

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Adrien Quatennens has always remained very discreet about his private life, never appearing publicly as a couple. However, the LFI deputy from the North is well married, to a woman named Céline. But the couple is therefore in the process of divorce, as he announced in a press release. Never mentioned in the portraits devoted to the rebellious thirty-something, she therefore seems to prefer the shadows. Together, the couple have a daughter, as it was echoed The voice of the North.