What is the cost of installing an electric heater?

What is the cost of installing an electric heater

Need to install an electric radiator to heat your home? But you don’t know what the cost of installing this equipment is? The price of installing an electric heater depends on the model chosen and the installer hired. But not only, other elements must be considered in order to properly estimate the cost of installing this device. Discover our electric heater installation price guide.

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How much does it cost to install an electric heater? The installation price of this heater varies depending on the range of products chosen. In addition, its cost can also fluctuate depending on the brand, power and installation technique. Apart from these elements, it is also necessary to take into account the labor rate of the company or the artisan installer. Note that it is sufficient to request an estimate for the installation of an electric heater to find out the exact price of a professional. This is a free and very effective way to find out about current market prices.

Labor tariff for the installation of an electric heater

The installation of an electric heater is a fairly simple operation. However, it is better to leave the task to a professional. Given the different steps to install a radiator, it is preferable to hire a specialized installer. But what is the labor tariff to install the best electric heaters ? This cost is not very expensive. However, the price of laying this heater may depend on the complexity of the work. The average price for installing an electric heater varies between 55 and 105 €. However, the intervention cost for the networking of the power supply is not included. Other than this point, this labor price fluctuates depending on the type or model of radiator to be installed.

Installation price of this heater according to the type of radiator chosen

Are you planning to install an electric heater? Are you wondering about the cost of installing this indoor heater? The price depends mainly on the type of radiator to be installed at home. Note that there are different types of electric heaters. Check out the list of electric heater models on the current market:

  • The radiator at inertia : this heating system is the most expensive on the market. However, it is the most efficient and durable for heating a living room. This type of electric heater comes in two categories. Users have the choice between a fluid inertia model or a dry inertia radiator. The cost of installing an electric inertia heater currently varies between 45 and 165 €. Regarding the purchase price of this equipment, it takes between 520 and 1,650 €.
  • The electric convector: this is an inexpensive piece of equipment that works on the principle ofJoule effect. THE’air Hot from this device is obtained through the heating of the resistance. It is an ingenious system for heating a living room. The installation price of electric convector heater is from around 105 €. While the cost of purchasing the device varies between 55 and 285 € excluding installation.
  • The radiant panel electric heater: this device is used to diffuse a heat perfectly homogeneous for optimal comfort at home. It works thanks to the rays infrared that give off adequate hot air. The labor price for installing a radiant panel currently varies between 35 and 195 €. If you buy only the equipment, you have to pay between 65 and 650 € without installation.

Average price of an electric heater with installation according to power

What is the price of an electric heater with its installation? The cost of this heating system varies greatly depending on the power chosen. Note that each model of inertia radiator or radiant panel does not have the same power. If you want to choose the right heater for your bedroom or kitchen, this element needs to be considered. Note that the number of watts an electric heater can affect the quality of the heating. Take the time to take this feature into account to find the right model for your needs. To find out more about the cost of an electric heater according to its power, discover our summary table:

The different powers of an electric heaterAverage price with installation
Electric heater between 500W and 750WBetween 145 and 550 €
Radiator heating between 750W and 1000WBetween 180 and 750 €
Radiator heater between 1000W and 1500WBetween 195 and 875 €
Electric heater between 1,500W and 1,750WBetween 265 and 1,200 €
Electric radiator heating between 1750W and 2000WBetween 325 and 1,400 €

VAT applied to the cost of installing an electric heater

In the event of the purchase of an electric heater, it is possible to benefit from a reduction in VAT. Indeed, the installation of a new heating makes it possible to benefit from a rate of 10%. Thanks to the subsidies put in place, households are entitled to reduced VAT. However, the owner must hire an electrician, a heating engineer or an RGE certified company. This is a certificate that identifies a professional who complies with many standards aimed at respecting nature. By calling on a professional recognized as guarantor of the environment or RGE, a family avoids VAT at 20%. So much so that it gains a reduction in the cost of installing an electric heater and can save some money.

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