What is the concept of the 5-5-5 postpartum method which is gaining more and more followers?

What is the concept of the 5 5 5 postpartum method which

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    Marie Lanen

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    If the postpartum period is sometimes complicated for the young mother, a concept from the United States could well revolutionize this moment of entry into motherhood. Doctissimo enlightens you on the 5-5-5 method.

    The postpartum period, increasingly described and commented on (often negatively) is sometimes experienced as a real tsunami by young mothers. The reasons ? A body that has changed, very present fatigue, a baby with multiple needs… Between societal injunctions and awareness of reality, some women are out of breath during this period. To welcome your postpartum in a more serene way and above all take advantage of this break to create a bond of attachment with your baby; a method from the United States is starting to make headlines. Probably originating from ancestral rituals such as the golden month in China; the 5-5-5 method is gaining more and more followers.

    5 days lying in your bed

    To allow the young mother to rest as much as possible and create this bond of attachment that is so essential for baby; the 5-5-5 method begins with 5 days in bed upon returning from the maternity ward. The young mother is therefore invited to remain “bedridden” for 5 days and only take care of her baby (breastfeeding, changing diapers, skin to skin, etc.); but above all to take advantage of her infant’s moments of sleep so that she can also sleep. Obviously, during this cycle we forget about cleaning, shopping and other laundry…

    5 days in your bed

    After the lying down phase, the 5-5-5 method offers the young mother to stay in bed for 5 days while having the possibility of getting up for 30 minutes, not exceeding 1h30 of getting up per day. Good news, if you have other children, you can invite them into the room to do a quiet activity with them (reading a book, puzzle, etc.). Just like the first phase, the objective is to spend as much quiet time as possible with your baby, skin to skin; all without external constraints.

    NO to diets, YES to WW!

    5 days around the room

    The next 5 days mark the (smooth) transition from a “normal” one-day resumption. The young mother can do some household chores, get up whenever she wants while listening to her body. The ideal is to alternate moments of rest and gentle activities such as going out in a stroller with your baby or in a baby sling.

    If this method seems difficult to implement, it is best to take inspiration from it. Yes to rest and skin to skin as much as possible to create bonds and respect this period which is so precious and difficult at the same time… On the other hand, not leaving your room for several days can be difficult for some. The idea is rather to try to listen to yourself as much as possible, to be surrounded by kindness and to do your best to make this postpartum period as peaceful as possible.