What is the Calling Problem on iPhone 12 and 13 Models? How Can I Solve?

What is the Calling Problem on iPhone 12 and 13

Apple, one of the most popular smartphone brands of today, periodically offers iOS updates to its users. With iOS updates, many new features are coming and some problems are fixed. The iPhone search problem, which has been frequently mentioned in recent months, has been improved with a small update.

Everyone is looking forward to iOS 15.2 Before the update came, Apple brought another update. with a small update iOS 15.1.1, Some iPhone It came as an update for line breaks on devices.

In particular, many iPhone users sent Apple a complaint text about line breaks. As such, Apple fixed the problem with a small update before expected. Especially iPhone 12 and 13 Users with model models were experiencing this line break problem.

How Do I Solve the Line Loss Problem on iPhone 12 and 13 Models?

Some communication operators iPhone 12 and 13 sent information messages to people who own their devices to update. This problem, especially on the devices that do not make the incoming updates, brought to mind the thought of many people that it was caused by the operator. In fact, the line disconnection problems were not related to the operator but related to phone updates. The solution for users with iPhone 12 and 13 devices experiencing this problem is very simple.

iphone line disconnect problem

Settings > General > Software Update going to the section iOS 15.1.1 You can update to version. If you don’t want to do the update and you don’t have any line break problems, you can wait for the iOS 15.2 update.

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