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In this episode of La Loupe, Paul Chaulet, journalist in the Politics department of L’Express, explains to us what the shared initiative referendum is, which the Republicans are requesting on immigration.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (writing), Mathias Penguilly (presentation) and Jules Krot (editing and production).

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Mathias Penguilly: The RIP, that is to say the “shared initiative referendum”. It’s a fairly technical provision of the Constitution and the person who masters it best at L’Express is Paul Chaulet, from the Political department. Paul, when we talk about a “shared” initiative referendum, does this mean that several people can be behind a vote?

Paul Chaulet: Yes, in this case it is parliamentarians and citizens. In other words, parliamentarians can provoke a referendum, with the support of part of the voters, without going through a majority vote in Parliament. I’ll explain to you how it actually happens…

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