What is pop it, this game that appeals to young and old alike?

What is pop it this game that appeals to young

We have all explored, at least once in our life, the pleasant sensation of bursting the small bubbles of the famous bubble wrap, the plastic wrapping, used to protect the most fragile objects. Pop it is a bit the same idea. Explanation of the success of this funny game with children, but also with older children.

What is pop it?

Also called go pop or bubble pop, pop it is a silicone plate, in bright colors, made up of a series of small bubbles on which it is possible to press to push them down. It’s kind of reusable bubble wrap. These plaques can have all kinds of shapes: heart, dinosaurs, unicorns. They even exist in shell version of phones, for older addicts.

Where does pop it come from?

Pop it was born several years ago, in 1975, in Israel. This idea comes to us from Theo Coster, a former friend of Anne Frank to whom he has dedicated a book: “In class with Anne Franck”. Coster, is the inventor of many famous toys: the Qui-est-ce, but also the UNANIMO. The story goes that her sister, suffering from breast cancer, had a dream where she was in a field of breasts. Following this dream, she had commissioned Coster to make a game for her that was inspired by it. The first pop it was triangular and made up of rubber bubbles. It was only several decades later that Theo Coster succeeded in convincing the FoxMind brand to develop its concept which was presented in a circular version in 2013 and in its rectangular version in 2014. Since then, the idea has been widely adopted. taken over by many brands which seized the opportunity to attract a more targeted audience.

Pop it: A sensory toy

Distributed in specialized stores, pop it first appealed to parents who had children in difficult circumstances. handicap : motor disorders, ADHD, autism, this small silicone plate has convinced many users for several reasons: It stimulates both sight, with its very “pop” colors, and it is the case to say it, but also hearing with noise characteristic that bubbles make when they are pushed in and then come out, but also the touch with the satisfaction of inverting the convexity of the silicone bubbles. Like some sensory toys, pop it has also been a hit with older kids, who didn’t encounter any particular difficulties, but who appreciated the stress-relieving aspect of this plastic plate.

A virality due to social networks

If you search a little on TikTok or YouTube, you will find many videos made by young people (and not so young) who praise the merits of this affordable little toy. We have fun pressing the bubbles as quickly as possible, inserting beads, affixing glitter: all the uses of pop it are exploited. You can even have fun playing as a duo: each player, in turn, has the choice of pressing only one, two or three bubbles. The player who presses the last bubble has lost.

Pop it pal: the more incongruous version of pop it

Did you think you were a little lost in this pop it fashion? You probably do not know the pop it pal then. It’s a bit of a weird version that also seems to play an anti-stress role. It is a plate also made of silicone, which is filled with a yellowish liquid and a little thick, even viscous. The goal ? Pierce false pimples, to release the substance that plays the role of “false pus”. If the idea appeals to you, you will find many references on Amazon.