What is NPC, what does NPC mean? NPC stands for

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Rapidly developing technology, popular culture, social norms, global events and all emerging trends shape the language in daily life equally. It is important to know that these new words used to describe some phenomena are not accepted by everyone, and some of them may even be forgotten after a while. However, learning the meanings of these new words enables us to express ourselves with these new concepts.

What is NPC?

In response to the question of what NPC means, which is frequently asked today; NPC stands for “Non-Player Character”. This term means “Non-Player Character or Non-Player Character” in Turkish. NPCs are characters in video games and other games that interact with players within the game world, but are not guided by a real person.

Depending on the game, NPCs give tasks to the player, conduct trade, provide information or take on various roles in the story. NPCs are controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence and act according to pre-planned scenarios.

There can be many NPC characters in the games. For example, shop owners sell or buy items to players. Quest-giving NPCs give players tasks and play important roles in the story. Aggressive NPCs can attack and fight players. Such characters in the games make the game world more diverse.

What is an NPC human?

The term NPC human is derived from a term used in the gaming world to describe characters controlled by the game. NPC person is slang for a person who cannot think with his own mind. In real life, an NPC is described as a person who does not think objectively. Within social media platforms, people sometimes refer to those who mindlessly repeat others’ comments and thoughts as NPCs. NPC human characteristics can be described as follows:

  • They do not have a clear thought on any subject.
  • They adopt and repeat the ideas they hear from other people.
  • His sentences are predictable.