What is Kick, how to register? How to make money on Twitch competitor Kick?

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Nowadays, there are many social media applications that stand out with their different features. Kick is a platform among these social media applications where many users are registered. This application, developed for internet broadcasting, also attracts attention as a new live broadcast application. Users can also earn income through this platform.

What is kick?

Kick is an application that was released in 2023 and is among social media platforms. This platform, which is seen as a Twitch rival, has gained a large number of users in a short time since its launch. This social media platform, based in Australia, is, in the opinion of some users, easier to use than the Twitch platform.

People registered on the Kick social media platform have the right to quickly subscribe to the channel of users on that platform as content creators. Users can also open live broadcasts on this platform and these live broadcasts can be watched in HD quality by other users.

How to sign up for Kick?

In order to use the Kick social media application, you must first become a member. Membership processes proceed as in other social media platforms. It is important that users do not enter incorrect or inaccurate information when becoming a member. The steps that people who want to register on the Kick platform should follow are generally as follows:

Users primarily visit the official website of the Kick social media application. https://kick.com You must log in to the page.
After logging in to the official website, click on the “register” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
• A window will open asking for information such as e-mail address, user name and password.
• Fill in the required fields in this window accurately and completely.
• Finally, complete the membership process by clicking the “sign up” button at the bottom.

How to use kick?

Kick Streaming Pty. Ltd. This platform, managed by the company, is very simple to use. In order to use this platform, an account must first be created. After the account creation process is completed, you can log in to the application, participate in other users’ live broadcasts, or become members can make their own live broadcasts. At this point, we may encounter the question of what to publish on Kick.

Members of this platform can broadcast live by choosing from various categories, just like in the Twitch application, within the rules of the application. At this point, the issue of the difference between Twitch and Kick may come to the fore.

The rules stated in the Twitch app are a bit strict for users. However, the rules stated on Kick social media platforms are more flexible for users. The difference between Twitch and Kick is that the rules of the Kick platform are more flexible.

What are the kick features?

Kick platform is one of the social media platforms preferred by users who want to broadcast online. This platform, which has more flexible content policies compared to the Twitch platform, also has many different features that stand out. Kick features are generally as follows:

  • This platform offers a 95% income share to its members.
  • It allows many different contents to be published more freely within the framework of certain rules.
  • There is a chat button where people who open a live broadcast and other people watching that live broadcast can chat with each other.
  • It helps broadcasters earn regular income.
  • Users who participate in the live broadcast of broadcasters have the right to donate through the platform.
  • Both the platform and the publishers can earn income from the ads displayed within the application.

How to make money on Kick?

It is very important to fulfill some conditions in order to make money from the Kick social media platform. The first step is to become a member of this platform and then join the Kick affiliate program. Additionally, users must have 5 broadcast hours and at least 75 followers.

Kick platform is one of the platforms preferred by many social media users today. In this platform, which includes various categories, the gaming section is especially preferred. Users can open a live broadcast while playing games, and viewers can participate in this live broadcast, subscribe and donate.