What is breast asymmetry, what are its causes?

What is breast asymmetry what are its causes

Eighty-five percent of women have asymmetrical breasts, although there are minor differences. This asymmetry may be at the nipple or your breasts may be different in size. Although asymmetries in the breasts are not considered a serious health problem, they can bother every woman. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Current Öztürk explained the causes of breast asymmetries seen in women and how they are treated in detail for you.


Breast diseases you had as a child or conditions that cause hormone changes such as breastfeeding and pregnancy may also be the cause of breast asymmetry. This often lowers women’s self-esteem and makes them feel uncomfortable. At this point, breast asymmetry aesthetics are ideal solutions.


In breast asymmetry correction surgeries, your doctor may reduce or enlarge the breast depending on your situation. Sometimes silicone can be applied to bring the breast to the desired symmetry.

Breast aesthetic operations aim to eliminate unwanted changes and deformities in the breast tissue and to give the desired shape to the breasts. Losing the shape of the breast tissue can sometimes cause the nipple to enlarge. In this case, breast sizes are also reduced during the operation. Breast aesthetic operations are applied with innovative and modern techniques that can be easily applied at any age and do not leave any traces. After the surgery, recovery is achieved in a short time and the new breast size and form can be preserved for years.


If the breasts are smaller than normal, breast augmentation surgery is performed. This procedure, which does not have any side effects and risks, is preferred in cases where the breasts are saggy, smaller than normal or deformed.


Sagging breasts cause an appearance that damages the self-confidence of the person in an aesthetic sense. In addition, after the completion of the breastfeeding period after pregnancy, women may experience breast sagging. In such cases, breast lift surgery should be applied. Unlike breast reduction surgery, the purpose of breast lift is not to change the size of the breast. Instead, the goal is to create a steeper and more attractive breast. Since the breasts have lost their former elasticity, there is only one way to fix this; It is the removal of loose and sagging skin and shaping the tissue in the breast. This application also ensures that the cracks are eliminated by disappearing and stretching.



Excessive breast size can cause a number of negative consequences. The size of the breasts causes arm, back and shoulder pain. As with all aesthetic applications, it is important to quit smoking before breast reduction surgery. As a result, blood thinners should not be taken until 1 week before the aesthetic operation in breast reduction aesthetics, which is among the breast aesthetic operations.