What is a white paper and what is it for?

What is a white paper and what is it for

The ultimate guide to being GDPR compliant “,” The method to attract new customers “,” 20 tips to improve your professional social networks »… You have certainly come across these hard-hitting titles while scouring the web. What are white papers really? And what is their use for creators as well as for Internet users who download them? Futura’s editorial team looked into the question …

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In a daily life overwhelmed by over-information, many professionals struggle to find reliable and exhaustive resources to go further in their field of expertise. This is the allure of White Book : totally free B2B practical guides that are popping up all over the Web.

White papers are often free to download with an email address. These are not platelets advertising. But this increasingly common practice allows their creators to derive benefits from it, both on a promotional and financial level. Consultable on computer, on Tablet and even on smartphone, these documents at PDF Format for the most part, are intended for prospects, customers or a community. With the need to fill in an email address and then proceed with the download, choosing the white paper can be more engaging than a blog post. In addition, its more complete format offers the possibility of exploiting the full potential of a theme.

Benefits for creators and readers alike

On the creator’s side, the white paper has several advantages. But it is above all the visibility actions that it will put in place to promote its white paper that will make it possible to achieve the desired objectives:

  • promote its services, products or online training;
  • expand their e-mail list for all their e-mailing marketing actions;
  • obtain qualitative contacts or increase the number of prospects;
  • establish its position as an expert in its field of activity;
  • boost its brand image;
  • establish a relationship of trust with its readers.

And for the people who download this white paper, the benefits are multiple too:

  • have free training material, which may make you want to buy more detailed training later;
  • benefit from the experience or advice of an expert in a field of interest;
  • enrich his knowledge personal;
  • collect information that can be used as part of professional.

Who can create white papers?

Everybody ! You don’t have to be a writer to start designing a white paper for your peers. However, remember that to keep your white paper from falling into oblivion, it is necessary to think of a promotion strategy at the same time.

Is your field of activity in full evolution? Have you found a trendy theme? The first step is to find a treatment angle that will meet the needs of your clients or colleagues. For inspiration, the Internet is a gold mine. On the groups of social networks or on specialized blogs, you can find out about current issues. And these subjects will allow you to bounce back and propose concrete solutions or avenues.

Make way for writing! Difficult to lay the first lines but, with a very detailed plan, you will see that inspiration will come by itself, or almost. Do not hesitate to complete your remarks by seeking the opinion of other experts or by relying on figures and reliable sources. To maintain your position as an expert, it is essential to transmit reliable data. Finally, we also advise you not to adopt a tone that is too commercial. Even if the purpose of the white paper is to strengthen your brand image, a “too selling” speech could slow down more than one …

Don’t skimp on form

Keep in mind that the white paper (even if it is paperless) looks like a regular book. Chaptering, airy layout, impeccable spelling, illustrations, photos or diagrams …

Finally, depending on the topic addressed, you will surely have to consider updating your document. Some areas are constantly developing. Take the example ofartificial intelligence. Not a day goes by without new advances in the evolution of its application in our daily life. In this case, outdated information could drastically reduce the number of downloads. By updating your remarks or proposing new versions of your white paper, you ensure that you maintain an expert status. And you multiply your chances of converting your readers into customers!

These digital resources are a veritable compendium of knowledge and help professionals in their practice, guide them in their decision-making and advise them in their day-to-day use.

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