What happened to Bellamy? This is what happens to the pirate who didn’t want to join Luffy

The Bellamy Pirates were one of many crews that Luffy and the Straw Hats encountered on Jaya. After a short exchange of blows, Luffy and Bellamy met again – but what does it actually look like at the moment? What does Bellamy do after everything that happened in Dressrosa? MyMMO shows you!

What is Bellamy’s relationship with Luffy like? The blonde pirate first met Luffy in Mocktown on Jaya. The Straw Hat Gang was looking for a way to Sky Island, which Bellamy and his crew noticed. Bellamy didn’t think much of Luffy’s One Piece dreams and laughed at him. After another incident, Luffy acknowledged this with a fist in the face.

After the time skip, Luffy and Bellamy met again in the Coliseum on Dressrosa. Bellamy dreamed of being accepted into the Donquixote family. But despite orders from that same family, he failed to kill Luffy. The Straw Hat no longer held any grudge against Bellamy and even cheered him on in his fights.

Luffy showed Bellamy several times that he saw him as a friend. But Bellamy remains stubborn and even remained loyal to Doflamingo when he wanted to have him murdered. Ultimately, however, Bellamy was dropped by Doflamingo and saved by Luffy and Trafalgar Law respectively. Unfortunately, he did not decide to join Luffy’s Grand Fleet, but only accepted part of Luffy’s Vivre Card.

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Bellamy went from fanatic to painter

What is Bellamy doing today? After being dumped like that by his idol Doflamingo, Bellamy seems to have had a change of heart. Thanks to the cover of Chapter 915, we know that Bellamy has given up piracy.

On the cover he can be seen painting a pirate flag. Below the picture are the words “No more piracy, Bellamy is now a master painter.” The ex-pirate has started training to be a fabric dyer.

This and other covers in which he appears can be seen in the following Reddit post by Piratefolk:

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His teacher is Serizawa. The name was announced in the Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Dictionary ~. As you can see from the picture, he is a strict teacher. Bellamy has several bumps on his head that appear to be from Serizawa’s club.

Bellamy appears once again on the cover of Chapter 917. There he sits at a drawing board and paints a skull, which he will probably put on the flag later.

Serizawa has not yet appeared in the manga. So it remains to be seen whether we’ll see Bellamy again. It is not known exactly where the dye works is located. In any case, he seems to have found a job that he enjoys – even if his spiral fruit will probably no longer be of any use to him.

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