What happened in Valorant Champions 2022, won by the Loud team?

What happened in Valorant Champions 2022 won by the Loud

The Champions, which was remembered with surprises, resulted in the Brazilian representative LOUD taking the trophy home.

Dominating the playoff stage by beating Leviatán, DRX, and OpTic Gaming, the team faced the North American giant once again in the final step and showed us a match that will not be forgotten for a long time. OpTic ultimately failed to pass the final hurdle and returned to the United States in second place.

Loud team becomes Valorant Champions 2022 champion

VCT Champions: Ultimate Ranking

The final standings for VALORANT Champions 2022 are as follows

  • 1: LOUD
  • 2: OpTic Gaming
  • 3: DRX
  • 4: FunPlus Phoenix
  • 5-6: Fnatic – XSET
  • 7-8: Leviatán – Team Liquid
  • 9-12: KRU Esports – Paper Rex – ZETA Division – 100 Thieves
  • 13-16: BOOM Esports – EDward Gaming – FURIA Esports – XERXIA

The rise of LOUD

One of the first major disappointments of the tournament was the inability of Asia-Pacific giant Paper Rex to leave the group. Losing to Liquid and Leviatán, the team was crushed under the weight of their own glory. After FPX won the VCT Stage 2 Masters, EMEA, which was shown as the favourite, failed to qualify for the final. Although all three representatives of the region left the group stage, FPX found themselves in the lower group, and Fnatic and Team Liquid in the upper group, but these adventures did not last long.

After Fnatic lost to XSET and Liquid to OpTic, the two teams found themselves facing each other in the lower group. At the end of the bittersweet streak, Fnatic won by a clear 2-0, sending Liquid to pack their bags. Unfortunately, the team’s joy of victory was short-lived. DRX from the lower group broke their quarterfinal curse and beat Fnatic in a match from behind to take a dramatic win.

Meanwhile, FPX didn’t give a fuck about anyone, they eliminated XSET and Leviatán and made their mark in the semi-finals. However, here he came across DRX and this quickly ended the good trend. Icebox has been a constantly sloping map (due in large part to the heroic plays of Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks and Pontus ‘Zyppan’ Eek), but the team has officially died in Haven. The team defended well by picking Viper in left field but failed to show any presence on the offensive, DRX pulled back all nine laps but ultimately outplayed one of the craziest plays we’ve ever seen in our lives.

With the current champion gone too, EMEA’s dreams of bringing home the championship two years in a row have been shattered, leaving the stage to North America, Brazil and Korea. In the sub-group final, we saw that DRX was not fully ready for the championship, OpTic managed to beat their opponent after a competitive struggle that lasted for five maps. Taking two games as things went wrong, DRX endured 10 full rounds on the final map, Haven, but was eventually forced to kneel.

The sides of the war were clear: OPTIC vs. LOUD is the match fans have been waiting for. Having failed to even get a map from the Brazilian giant in the first game, OpTic took the LOUD deep into overtime on maps one and three, and won the second map relatively comfortably. LOUD, on the other hand, has outdone himself under pressure, returning fire to fire and winning games one and three. Clearly dominating on the fourth map, Brazil’s Erick ‘aspas’ Santos’ Duelists dominated the North American team by one shirt and pushed their opponent to second place.

The success stories of those who were not given a chance are always beautiful, and LOUD, who raised the trophy to the skies, gave us just such a story, proving that the favorites are not invincible and that every region has a chance to win the championship! Now it’s time to jump into VALORANT, unleash your inner LOUD and close the last months of the year in style!