What Does Xbox February 2024 Update Bring? What Was Announced at the Xbox Podcast Event!

What Does Xbox February 2024 Update Bring What Was Announced

Xbox, which has been going through a turbulent period lately, plans to offer innovations to Xbox owners with a detailed update. The update in question Xbox Series S, It will be valid for all Series X and Xbox One consoles. In addition to consoles, some changes are expected to occur on mobile devices. With this At the Xbox Podcast event Some decisions were mentioned and new news was given. Here are the Xbox February 2024 update details…

What Will Change with Xbox February 2024 Update?

Xbox will make a comprehensive February update; It aims to offer innovations in some areas such as joysticks, remote play feature, and the ability to divide games into groups.

With the February update, Xbox, joysticks In other words, it will ensure that the joysticks work stably and provide a better experience to the user. It is stated that the company is trying to fix this issue with an update after some Xbox users complained about the operation of their joysticks. With the update in question, it is planned to make Xbox joysticks more functional without the need for repair.

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Outside the joysticks Xbox February update Another innovation that will come with the game is related to the remote play feature. With this update, those who want to play games on mobile devices will be able to assign the game control keys as they wish. So the control keys will be completely personalized. With personalized controls, the user will have the chance to get ahead of the competition by increasing game performance.

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Another innovation of Xbox coming in February is Ability to group games according to various features possibility. Players will be able to list the productions they own in February by grouping them according to some of their features. This feature was also a change requested by Xbox users and it finally happened. Players’ comments on these updates are eagerly awaited.

Developments Announced at Xbox Podcast Event

As part of the Official Xbox PodCast event, Xbox announced some new decisions. Xbox, which has recently been at odds with Xbox game console owners regarding the publication of Xbox games on PS5, announced its new decisions. According to the data announced by Xbox at the podcast event, Xbox subscription service Games Pass 34 million members approached the number. Emphasizing that Game Pass will only be available on Xbox and PC, Xbox stated that games will continue to come to Game Pass as soon as they are released.

A new generation game console has been developed Xbox stated that exclusive games will continue to be released. Xbox announced four games at the event. On PS5 and Nintendo Switch announced the news that it will be published. However, it was stated that Diablo 4 will be on Game Pass on March 28.

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About Xbox Game Console

Microsoft’s game console Xbox 2001 It was released in North America in 2002 and in Japan, Australia and Europe in 2002. As everyone knows, the leader of the game console industry is PlayStation. Although it entered the industry later, Xbox has managed to find a place for itself in this field and participate in the competition.

Xbox is not yet a to the handheld console It does not have one, but its work in this field continues. The Xbox handheld console, which is under development, is expected to compete with Rog Ally and Steam Deck.