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What does the preliminary Gaza ceasefire agreement mean in practice

Both Israel and the extremist organization Hamas have said they will accept a UN Security Council resolution supporting President Joe Biden’s truce plan.

In the latest truce proposal, Israel would withdraw its forces from Gaza’s population centers and Hamas would release hostages. The truce would initially last for six weeks and, according to the proposal, would continue for the duration of the negotiations.

The resolution presented by the United States was approved by the UN Security Council with a vote of 14-0. Other Security Council member countries supported the proposal, and Russia abstained from voting.

Both parties have expressed their acceptance of the proposal.

However, there is a lot of disbelief and doubt in the air. What does the fact that the parties accepted the UN Security Council resolution mean? What are the chances of peace in the Middle East now?

Among other things, the project manager of the peace mediation foundation CMI answers these questions Laura Hendry.

Is the war in Gaza really finally coming to an end?

– It is very likely that for this first one [kuuden viikon] the stage is reached. The bigger question is whether we will get a ceasefire longer than the six-week period. It is good to remember that the cease-fire agreement is not a peace agreement, Hendry formulates.

According to the Hamas press release, it is ready to cooperate with mediators and negotiate on the implementation methods of the plan. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Prime Minister of Israel on Tuesday Benjamin Netanyahu having confirmed his commitment to the armistice proposal.

When will hostilities cease?

– I can’t directly assess that. It may take a few days. The idea is that Israel withdraws from the inhabited areas, it does not include Israel withdrawing completely from Gaza.

How likely is it that the hostages used by Hamas as their trump card will now be released?

– The plan for the first phase was that women, the elderly and the injured would be released. At the same time, Palestinian prisoners would also be exchanged. At least in the previous ceasefire situation, there was a prisoner exchange.

How hopeful can one be that hostilities will end?

– Can be cautiously optimistic in the short term. Whether we can move on from the first six-week phase is the bigger question with more uncertainty, Hendry states.