What does a green license plate mean? Here is the answer

What does a green license plate mean Here is the

Swedish registration plates are usually white with black characters. But there are also signs with a green, blue, orange or yellow background, as well as with a red background and white letters.

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Who can have a green license plate?

A green registration plate is used by the holder of a sales cart licence.

The holder of a sales cart license is according to The Swedish Transport Agencysomeone who deals in or manufactures vehicles or trailers, for example a car dealer or a car manufacturer.

Manufacturers of components for vehicles or players in the car testing industry can also be awarded a sales cart license.

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This is how the green sign is used

A commercial vehicle license gives the holder the right, under certain circumstances, to drive vehicles that are parked or unregistered on Swedish roads and within the Nordic region.

The point is that the holder of a sales cart license should avoid unjustified costs for vehicle tax and insurance. Car dealers, for example, often have the cars in their warehouse parked, and use a sales cart license to be able to drive them.

All journeys carried out with a sales cart license must have a direct connection to the holder’s business.

To show that you hold a sales cart license, you use a green registration plate with your own registration number, which is mounted on the parked or unregistered vehicle that you intend to use.

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Green signs in Norway

In some parts of Sweden, it is also relatively common to see cars from Norway with green license plates, and in that case the meaning is completely different.

It simply means that cars with a green sign are vans, which only have one row of seats and can load a box with a length of 140 centimeters, a width of 90 centimeters and a height of 105 centimeters.

The vehicle category is primarily intended for craftsmen, and benefits from a lower tax burden compared to cars with a white license plate.

However, there are no restrictions on who can own a car with a green license plate in Norway.

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