What do you know about Jawline padding? Both women and men have it done…

It will take place on April 8 Warning from scientists

Jawline filling is frequently applied in Istanbul and many other cities, and as a result, it is wondered by men and women of different age groups.

Being among the leading names in its sector with its successful applications, Specialist Dr. Mutlu Adıgüzel; He states that jawline filling provides effective results especially for people who have problems in the jawline area, sagging under the chin or asymmetry in the jawline area.

What is Jawline filling? How is it applied?

Specialist Dr. Mutlu Adıgüzel continues his words as follows:

“Jawline filling is performed under local anesthesia, like many other medical aesthetic procedures. The points where filler injection will be made are determined after a personalized evaluation, according to the anatomical structure of the face and the needs of the patient, in a way that will provide both an aesthetically satisfactory and natural appearance. In this context, many areas in the chin are Highly prominent points can be balanced or existing asymmetries can be eliminated. As a result, a softer chin and a more impressive appearance is achieved. Dense and thick fillers are used during Jawline filling. The reason for this is to clarify the jaw line and ensure compatibility with the tissue in the application area. Otherwise, it will not be possible to achieve the desired result and natural appearance.”

Expert underlines that jawline filling attracts attention from both men and women because the jawline is one of the most striking elements of the face and directly affects the appearance of the face. Dr. Mutlu Adıgüzel explains: “The results obtained after Jawline filling generally remain permanent for periods ranging from 12 to 18 months. However, this period may vary depending on many individual factors. Of course, the most important thing to consider at this stage is that the injection is made in the right areas and with the right doses, using quality fillers.” He concludes with sentences.