What do the extension contracts of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell mean for the F1 series? The expert criticizes Mercedes’ smart decision

What do the extension contracts of Lewis Hamilton and George

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell signed extension contracts with Mercedes covering the next two seasons. ‘s expert Jukka Mildh believes that the team has a special hunger for success.

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The Mercedes F1 team announced yesterday that the series’ seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton38, and 25 years old George Russell will continue as racing drivers for the team until 2025.

Hamilton, who holds the F1 series winning record (103 races), will therefore continue in the team until he is 40 years old. In the number of world championships, Hamilton is number one on the list, too Michael Schumacher won seven World Cup titles.

Sports expert Jukka Mildhin think the decision is justified.

– The team is clearly looking for continuity. Making big changes in this situation would not make sense for the drivers or the team, says Mildh.

He points to Mercedes’ sluggish performance this season and last season. The team was clearly left at the feet of Red Bull, who dominates the series, in the development of the car, when the rules for the series’ cars underwent the biggest changes in years. Mildh sees the British duo as a capable pair of drivers.

– Mercedes has a chance to win with this duo, as long as they get their cars in order, Mildh emphasizes.

Last season, the top team was third in brand championship points, more than 200 points behind the winning Red Bull. Ferrari was also better.

In this season’s points situation, the team is second, but already almost 300 points behind Red Bull.

Last season, Russell was higher than the drivers in the World Championship points, in fourth place, Hamilton sixth. Hamilton is in the same place in this season’s points standings, while Russell is now sixth.

The champion doesn’t give up

Hamilton’s future was speculated throughout the season. The media even hinted at the 38-year-old driver’s transfer to Ferrari or his departure from the entire series. Mildh says Hamilton doesn’t want to leave now that Max Verstappen dominated the series by far. The British coach wants to win.

– Hamilton wants to leave as a winner. He has both patience and skill for it. The contract shows that Hamilton is committed to the team and the team to Hamilton, Mildh analyzed.

Hamilton has been driving for Mercedes since 2013. At the same time, the team manager, who also works in Pesti today, started as team manager Toto Wolff. Mildh believes that Hamilton’s relations with the team and the edgy Wolff have formed so deeply that everyone believes in each other.

Mildh sees Russell’s potential role as important in the future. The younger British driver keeps pushing Hamilton more and more.

– It’s a good thing for Mercedes’ development and a good challenge for Hamilton, Mildh sees.

Hamilton won his first championship in 2008 with McLaren. The other six championships came with Mercedes in 2014–15 and 2017–20.

The stable bridges the gap

During his years at Mercedes, Hamilton has drifted into more or less colorful relationships with his previous teammates. In Mildh’s opinion, the team is currently so clearly behind Red Bull in the development work that the drivers do not have time to bicker with each other.

– The team is trying to catch up with Red Bull in terms of technical development, says Mildh.

According to him, this season the team has been under the command of Hamilton. The expert believes that the real competitive situation will only be seen when the team starts winning again.

– The situation changes when we drive right there at the top and both have a car that can win. It happened as well Nico Rosberg’s that Valtteri Bottas (Hamilton’s previous team mates) at, Mildh downloads.

The extension contracts of the driver duo bring work peace to the stable. Mildh says that Mercedes has to look really hard for next season. Other teams no longer have to imagine getting Hamilton.

Mildh emphasizes that now the external pressure disappears from “Mersu”.

– The car has developed quite well and the speed is increasing, but there is still a lot to do, he predicts.

The F1 season continues this weekend in Monza, Italy.