What are your chances of winning the lottery?

What are your chances of winning the lottery

Winning the lottery, everyone dreams of it. But few are the chosen ones. Because, mathematics confirms it, your chances of winning the lotto when you validate a grid are extremely low.

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Let us remember above all that despite the fantasies conveyed by some, the lottery draw leaves room for the one and only chance. From 1 to 49, every numbers have exactly the same chance of winning. The mathematicians say that there is equiprobability and from there they have a formula which allows us to know exactly how much chance we have of hitting the right combination of numbers.

The formula C = n! / [(n-p)! x p!] gives the different ways of choosing p elements in a set of n elements. Remember that the “! »Designates the factorial of the number and that 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1. For example, imagine that you have to choose 4 flavors of ice cream out of 10, you will have 210 different ways to accommodate them.

Winning the lottery: one chance in nearly 20 million!

To win at lotto, it is necessary to choose the 5 good numbers in a grid which counts 49 of them. different ways to fill in his grid. It’s huge, but it can be worth the cost. But that’s without counting on the fact that to win the jackpot, you also have to have found the right lucky number, that of the second grid. For that one, we have a one in ten chance. So in the end, you only have one chance in 19,068,840 of hitting the jackpot!

If you are a little less ambitious, you can aim for the other ranks as well. You should know that you have one chance in 2,118,760 of winning at rank 2 (5 correct numbers), one chance in 86,677 of winning at rank 3 (4 correct numbers and the lucky number), and one chance in 9,631 of winning at rank 4, etc. And in the end, know that nearly 17% of combinations are winning.

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