What are the most dangerous animals for humans?

What are the most dangerous animals for humans

Sharks and spiders terrorize more than one; however, they are far from being the most dangerous animals for humans. Some insects are vectors of diseases that kill thousands of people every year, other animals have such deadly venom that they pose a significant threat in some areas. Here is a top 10 of the most dangerous animals in the world.

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The mosquito: vector of deadly diseases

This small insect that we see regularly is by far the animal responsible for the greatest number of human deaths. Each year, it kills more than a million people, mainly in Africa and Asia. The mosquitoes are the vector of agents pathogens, transmitting to Man through his stings diseases such as malaria, the yellow fever, the chikungunya or the dengue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the malaria alone kills an average of 660,000 people per year. At the same time, yellow fever kills 52,000 and dengue 22,000.

Schistosome, the most dangerous worm

These little tapeworms are parasites very dangerous, because vectors of the bilharzia. It’s a parasitic disease present in tropical regions and subtropical, considered to be the second parasitic endemic in the world. It causes 280,000 deaths per year in the world, mainly in Africa.

The dreaded snake venom

The snake bites are still today one of the worst animal attacks that humans must fear. According to the World Health Organization, there are between 94,000 and 125,000 deaths each year. Add to this some 400,000 people who have had to be amputated or are suffering serious consequences, the tetanus or an infection for example.

The scorpion and its deadly tail

The spiders terrorize many human beings. Yet thearachnid the most to fear is the scorpion. A study published in the journal Acta Tropica estimates that on average, the scorpion kills 3,250 people per year. However, it is expected that this number will actually be much larger, as not all attacks are referenced.

Crocodiles, real human eaters

“Crocodile” is a vernacular name. There are 13 species of Crocodilians, two of which are seriously dangerous for humans. the nile crocodile and the marine crocodile are the biggest reptiles in the world, and have formidable jaws. The bite force is about 22,000 newtons. The exact number of deaths linked to the attacks of crocodiles, but it is estimated at more than 400 per year.

The elephant rebellion

Whether in Asia or Africa, elephants more and more pressures human. The relationship between humans and elephants is difficult, because they have a common habitat and can fight to increase the area. In India alone, there are 200 deaths per year, the result of an unexpected encounter between the two individuals.

The hippopotamus defends its territory

THE’hippopotamus is one of mammals most massive land in the world. It rarely attacks humans, yet in Africa it is said to be the most dangerous animal. Nevertheless, this animal is very territorial. Thus, if the Man ventures a little too close, the hippopotamus charges. The majority of attacks (around 100 per year) occur in water.

Dangerous animals: bees

The foragers are insects essential for the conservation of biodiversity. Bees aren’t particularly offensive: they don’t hunt for food. On the other hand, they are responsible for protecting the hive. Thus, when a human approaches the nest, they can sting. Human mortality mainly concerns people with allergies. There are still more than a hundred deaths per year due to bites.

Beasts, not so offensive!

the Lion and the tiger are believed to be responsible for 40 to 200 deadly attacks per year. These beasts do not usually attack humans. However, as with elephants, as humans encroach on their territory, wild animals defend themselves.

Beware of jellyfish

The cubozoan, or box jellyfish, is a jellyfish known as one of the most poisonous species in the world. The most dangerous are found in Australia and Florida. A jellyfish irukandji, endemic from Australia, is only 2 to 3 cm, but it can quickly paralyze a man.

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