WFP risks interrupting assistance to 220,000 refugees due to lack of funding

WFP risks interrupting assistance to 220000 refugees due to lack

In Cameroon, the World Food Program (WFP) is warning of a drop in its resources which could lead the UN agency to interrupt its food distributions to refugees in the country.

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The UNHCR has identified 460,000 refugees in Cameroon. Among them, more than 220,000 refugees from Nigeria and the Central African Republic are currently receiving humanitarian assistance from the WFP.

Contacted by RFI, Aboubacar Guindo, deputy head of the WFP in Cameroon, warns of the increasing lack of funding, the consequences of which could prove catastrophic for the population living in the various refugee camps.

We have no visibility regarding possible financing »

We find ourselves in a particularly deficit financial situation which is such that we have recently had to make ration reductions. Initially, 70%, then 50% and today, after the end of April, we have no visibility as to possible financing.

What happens is that if you end up with refugee camps, let’s say 77,000 for example in the far north, they will certainly, if nothing is done, be forced to adopt what we call negative coping mechanisms. And there, we’re talking about a majority of young men, a majority of young ladies, I’ll let you imagine what could happen. It should also be noted that this is an area in which we still have armed groups still recruiting. There are also health risks in relation to the psychomotor development of the children we support in malnutrition programs. So this is a situation that worries us greatly. »

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