We’ve never seen her like this! Monica Bellucci transforms into a horror character for her darling

Weve never seen her like this Monica Bellucci transforms into

It was at the request of her companion Tim Burton and to delight fans of an iconic film that Monica Bellucci underwent a radical beauty transformation. We’ve never seen her like this before…

Monica Bellucci is usually the embodiment of Italian chic with her always perfect beauty looks. But it is in a new look, dark and morbid, that the star appeared recently.

Monica Bellucci has a blue complexion

On May 23, Monica Bellucci published a photo on her Instagram account which captivated her fans. This is a poster of the film Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, which will be released in cinemas on September 6, 2024, in which the actress plays Dolores, the wife of the main character. For this sequel to the cult film, Monica Bellucci has transformed herself. Exit glamorous hairstyles and sparkling makeup: the Italian has become a gloomy doll, with a patched face. Her usually luminous complexion is here blue and decorated with staples. The look of Deva Cassel’s mother was accentuated with a intense black smoky eyes and pronounced eyebrows. Finally, a dark red ran across her lips, adding the only colorful touch to this beauty look created for Tim Burton (who had already produced the first part in 1988), Monica Bellucci’s companion since 2022.

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Monica Bellucci’s black hair

To complete this killer beauty look, Monica Bellucci’s hair was also modified. First hair change: coloring. While she wears a pretty warm brown every day, Vincent Cassel’s ex displays black hair with blue highlights to echo her doll’s complexion. Monica Bellucci also gained length, swapping her shoulder-length hair for a mermaid mane.

Fans of the 59-year-old actress are won over by this surprising transformation, as we can see on Instagram. “So beautiful”, “The most beautiful woman in the world”, “she improves like good wine” or “Even dead, she is beautiful” are among those complimented posted.