We’ll never see the deleted Dune scenes and the creator has a good reason for that

Well never see the deleted Dune scenes and the creator
Denis Villeneuve has 90 minutes of footage hidden somewhere and won’t release it. At least that’s how many sci-fi fans will feel about the Dune maker’s recent words. As a Collider interview explains, the first version of his desert planet epic was said to be four hours long, of which he cut almost 90 minutes for the theatrical version. But will we ever see the long version?Sci-Fi maker Denis Villeneuve doesn’t believe in cut scenes for Blu-rays

Obviously, sci-fi fans shouldn’t have any hopes for the first version of Dune or the release of the cut scenes. Villeneuve explains to Collider:

I firmly believe in the following principle: If something doesn’t end up in the film, it’s dead. Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m cutting out. After that, I can’t go back and put together some sort of Frankenstein and try to reanimate the dead. It’s too painful. If it’s dead, it’s dead, and for good reason.

Check out the trailer for Dune 2 here:

Dune: Part Two – Trailer 3 (German) HD

With that said, any possibility of additional deleted scenes material on future Blu-ray releases of the Dune films seems to be disappearing. Hopefully Villeneuve will change his mind soon. Because the end of the sci-fi series is already in sight.

When is Dune 2 coming to cinemas?

Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two will be released on February 29, 2024 appear in the cinema. Many stars can be seen in front of the camera, among the new additions are Florence Pugh (Midsommar) and Christopher Walken (7 Psychos).

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