Well-known Twitch streamer does it like Montana Black and wants to emigrate because of his neighbors

Streamer Carsten aka ELoTRiX (31) is active again on Twitch after a break of several months. Now he has commented on the background to his break and is talking about emigration plans, like the ones his fellow streamer Marcel aka MontanaBlack (35) also had.

Who is ELoTRiX? ELoTRiX is considered Germany’s first major shooter YouTuber. He started his career in 2011 with corresponding gameplay videos. Now he is active almost exclusively on Twitch and is one of the German content creators with the most views.

What has been happening around the streamer lately? Most recently, ELoTRiX took a break of around 2 months. He was also rarely seen in public. His good friend MontanaBlack was the only person who could support ELoTRiX during this time.

On September 12th, ELoTRiX finally returned to Twitch and did not discuss the reasons for his absence in his first stream.

Why did ELoTRiX pause his streams and why does he supposedly want to emigrate? More background information about the break is now known: ELoTRiX and his girlfriend have separated. The streamer announced this in one of his current streams: […] because many of you are interested in the chat, even now that I was inactive again – it was just because of the breakup […]

ELoTRiX goes on to say that everything in his apartment reminds him of this ex-girlfriend and the time afterwards. In addition, his current apartment has unspecified leaks, the cause of which he cannot find out.

No agreement with the neighbors and the exit tax

There would also be regular trouble with the new neighbors. After living next to a very understanding couple for a long time, other current tenants are not quite as relaxed. ELoTRiX: I don’t want to annoy people here, but you just can’t tell what the neighbors hear and what they don’t.

After several advance warnings, it has now reached the point that the neighbors would get upset if they laughed too loudly or would immediately call the police. Unfortunately, collaboration is not possible.

Because of these factors, he is currently actively thinking about emigrating.

At another time in one of his streams he talks about the so-called exit tax. According to ELoTRiX, this was classified as illegal according to a decision by the European Court of Justice.

Coming soon: the exit tax

The exit tax affects natural persons who hold shares in a corporation and want to move abroad permanently. The tax does not apply if the stay abroad is only temporary and lasts up to a maximum of five years.

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ELoTRiX himself says he is not affected by the tax because he has never founded a GmbH. He would therefore not hold any shares in a corporation and would not be affected.