Well-known streamer discovers RB Leipzig’s new retro jersey and freaks out

There are now brand new retro jerseys in EA FC 24 and one of them left the well-known streamer GamerBrother speechless.

One of the most famous German streamers for EA FC 24 and presenter of the football show At Broski, GamerBrother, discovered RB Leipzig’s new retro jersey in one of his streams and spontaneously expressed what he thought of it.

This jersey is about: As part of the current Golazo event, EA has released some retro jerseys for Ultimate Team that you can buy for 40,000 coins. Included are, for example, kits from Borussia Dortmund from the 1975/76 season, Sporting Lisbon with a jersey from 1924 or Liverpool FC with their 95/96 jersey.

But the double DFB Cup winner RB Leipzig is also there, wearing a jersey from the 2022/2023 previous season.

RB Leipzig won the DFB Cup in this jersey.

“I just can’t cope with this anymore”

This is what GamerBrother says about RB Leipzig’s retro jersey: In his stream, GamerBrother was asked by his viewers to buy the jersey. He says in disbelief before he spots the jersey in the shop: “I’ve read that a few times in the chat, but that’s not true, is it?”

Moments later, GamerBrother sees the jersey jump out of his chair and can’t believe what he’s seeing on the screen. In his almost two-minute rant, he says, among other things, visibly annoyed:

  • “You have 56 professional clubs in the Bundesliga and you give a retro jersey to RB Leipzig?”
  • “A retro jersey for RB Leipzig. What is satire allowed to do?”
  • “I can’t even cope with this anymore.”
  • And also a: “Are you kidding me?” comes from the streamer’s lips. If you want to see the full reaction, watch the video from minute 16:33.

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    Why is a retro jersey for Leipzig so controversial? Due to a lack of tradition and a comparatively late founding in 2009, Leipzig has a difficult time with fans in the Bundesliga.

    Bundesliga supporters are particularly critical of the financial support of RB Leipzig’s main sponsor.

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