Weather warning: Strong winds in Blekinge during Sunday evening

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During the past week, high water flows have caused problems in several places in Blekinge. Something for which SMHI issued a series of yellow warnings.

The high water levels were seen, among other things, in Ronneby brunnspark, where the water in the long term risks causing moisture damage to the park’s historic wooden buildings.

The reason for the high water levels is the recent large amounts of precipitation and snowmelt.

Warning for strong winds

During Saturday afternoon, SMHI also issued a yellow warning for very strong gusts of wind or local storm gusts between 21 and 25 meters per second in Blekinge.

According to SMHI, there is, among other things, a risk of limited access due to fallen trees and branches, as well as a risk of delays in bus, train, air and ferry traffic.

The warning is in effect from 7pm on Sunday evening, and winds are expected to ease overnight.

See pictures of the floods in Ronneby brunnspark in the clip.