Wearing the abaya at school: the Council of State validates its ban

Wearing the abaya at school the Council of State validates

End clap. The Council of State validated this Thursday, September 7, the ban on wearing the abaya at school. This “is part of a logic of religious affirmation”, indicated this Thursday, September 7 the judge in chambers, who had been seized urgently by the association Action the rights of Muslims (ADM). Accordingly, its prohibition “does not constitute a serious and manifestly illegal violation of the right to respect for private life, freedom of worship, the right to education and respect for the best interests of the child or principle of non-discrimination”, estimated the highest administrative court in a press release.

However, “the law prohibits, within public educational establishments, the wearing by students of signs or outfits conspicuously demonstrating, either by themselves or because of the behavior of the student, affiliation to a religion “, recalls the court.

“The interim judge of the Council of State indeed notes that the wearing of the abaya and the qamis within schools, which gave rise to a sharp increase in the number of reports during the 2022 school year- 2023, is part of a logic of religious affirmation, as is apparent in particular from the remarks made during the dialogues with the students”, is it also written in the decision.