Weapons of the Ukrainian women’s group: Stubbornness and old sheets

Not everyone can fight, but many want to help. A Ukrainian women’s group close to the front supports the country’s resistance by making camouflage nets for the soldiers.
– If our guys need something, we’ll fix it, says Maria Golovina, who is retired and lives near the front in Ukraine, to TV4 News’ reporter in the Zaporizhzhya region.

In the September sun outside a residential building a few miles from the front in southern Ukraine, four elderly women sit on a bench and tear thin strips of fabric from sheets.

– This is material we have plenty of. If our guys need something, we’ll get it done. We make nets with which they can camouflage themselves, says Maria Golovina.

Russian drones are constantly scouting the Ukrainian forces, so they need all the protection they can get.

Don’t want any “Russian peace”

When TV4 Nyheternas reporter Johan Fredriksson visits the women’s group, they say that they do not see peace until Ukraine wins.

– We do not want any Russian peace. Russia has never given us any happiness, says Maria Golovina, and continues:

– Who is to blame for all the evil is unclear, whether it is Putin or those who rule him.

“The war rages on”

Despite the stubborn resistance, there is concern about how the war will end.

– This is not normal, says Valentina Kuzmina, who also sits and tears strips, and continues:

– I have become homeless. I lived in Orichiv and they destroyed my house. Now I live with my sister’s family.

The little progress reported from the Ukrainian side does not make life easier for the residents of the region, who are constantly under attack.

– The war rages on. Nothing has changed here in our region. The enemy attacks with aircraft, artillery and rockets mostly all the time, says Andreij, the village local police commander in Orichiv, Zaporizhzhya.