We tried the interesting service that creates a digital server from a single photo

We tried the interesting service that creates a digital server

Artificial intelligence technologies continue to bring incredible possibilities. A striking new example of these is the digital server. can create.

Behind this service we have seen before Deep Nostalgia, the details of which we have included here out with D-ID firm is located. directly to the official site from here you can reach Deep Nostalgia, A service that can animate photos using artificial intelligence for kidnappers. The developer company focuses on old family photos in this system. Here “Animate faces in your family photos. Experience your family history like never before!The company, using the motto ”, is online with this service. started a new trend. On top of that, the company has a commercial basis.Creative Reality StudioHe made a sound with ”.

From here The new service, whose trial period is free, can be accessed via only a single photo uploaded to people. digital human or digital server gives you the chance to create uploaded (Celebrities are not allowed) or created with the selected photo digital server, what is entered into the system as text, at a level that can be considered natural. hand gestures, head gestures with gestures He voices it using a voice and outputs it as a video.

You can watch a very short example we prepared in the video above. Creative Reality Studiosupports many languages, including Turkish. For now, in Turkish Ahmet and goal Two different sound options are available. Here, the “Ahmet” option produces a more natural result.


Although it has some flaws, it works fine on a single photo, especially the company’s own servers, which are marked as “high quality”, give good results. $50 per month systemcertain content on the internet (website etc.) can be used easily in the promotion of .

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The service interface is very simple and descriptive.

There are many sectors where artificial intelligence will leave people unemployed. The system, which adds a new category among them, will of course be constantly improved. Clearly thanks to new generation technologies and powerful systems The distinction between real and virtual will disappear completely.