We need to talk about what Firefighter Mark said

We need to talk about what Firefighter Mark said

This text is a column with opinions that are the writer’s own and not Nyheter24’s.

Pardon my French – but what a bloody bunch of pirates they’ve managed to throw at Robinson 2024.

13 minutes into the first episode, I knew that a real thunderous season was in store. And quite rightly, episode after episode has delivered to the max.

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Someone who quickly ended up in people’s firing line was of course Fredrik Bolander. You know, the one who basically said a woman’s place is between her fist and the kitchen. Me provocative he zero. This when you feel that it is a “show” and not really what he feels and thinks at all.

Quite rightly, other shades of Fredrik begin to show. He’s not that terrible and he seems to be liked by the girls on his team to say the least. So well… scam seen.

Charlotte Hedlund I liked it at first because it seemed like a strong, beautiful bride. But that was before you noticed that she is a pick me girl who “always hung out more with guys because girls are so annoying”. When she was involved in twisting Ci’s immunity I felt that no but now… now we’re taking it DAMN easy huh.

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Since she doesn’t do particularly good TV either, I sort of feel that she… might as well go out.

The lawyer Pelle Flood is the smartest thing that has happened to Robinson since it started airing in Sweden? Sorry but what have Pella’s parents done to make him like that? If you are reading this, email me at [email protected].

But ENOUGH ABOUT these goblins. Now we’re going to move to the buffet’s dessert table – namely the Irish fireman Mark Bannon.

Mark Bannon in Robinson 2024. Image source: TV4

A guy with as much muscle as heart.

In the coming month I will be using Mark to sift through my friends. Simply asking “What do you think of Mark?” and whoever answers against all odds that they wouldn’t like him or even have a tiny ounce of bad to say about the person – that’s a final goodbye.

She earns the most in Robinson 2024

I don’t know if there are specific things about Mark that make you love this person so much. Or if it is a form of hamburger effect? The guy is a real fucking tough guy at the same time as he is so extremely responsive and humble. He doesn’t like macho guys and bullies. He is funny and lightens the mood in the group. This at the same time as he can speak out.

Mark is very popular with team south. Image source: TV4

He seems fun and easy going. He feels like a guy who eats the plate model but isn’t afraid to dust 100 bira on a night out at Oléarys.

Then he inspired me so much with a thing he hatched out of himself before the upcoming island council on Sunday.

– I don’t feel that it matters if I get the most votes. Anything can happen on the way home and on the plane I can meet anyone, it’s just super exciting. It can be a person who changes one’s life. So I feel that you should also look forward to it and be grateful that you get this chance, he told an anxious Alma (which would then be voted out).

Robinson is being remade after TV4’s big miss

For a cynical f*tta like myself, this stuck. Imagine being able to think like that about things on your way through life. Talk about what can perhaps be turned into something a little more positive – will it be?

In short, you can say that Mark is the ultimate person to have with you on an island. And I hope as much that he stays in Robinson as I hope that no bad side will come out that will make me regret this text.