“We have a lot to learn”

Nasa cannot prove UFO sightings are related to aliens, but says “we have more to learn” before dismissing their existence, according to a new report.
Now a UFO manager is appointed to get closer to the truth.

– If you ask me if I believe in life in a universe that is so vast that it is difficult for me to understand how big it is – my personal answer is yes, says Nasa director Bill Nelson at a press conference.

The US space agency Nasa’s new UFO report states that “potentially unknown extraterrestrial technology operating in the Earth’s atmosphere” is not something that Nasa can dismiss.

The head of Nasa believes that the report is a step away from sensationalism and towards a scientific approach to UFOs. One should take from the report that “there is much more to learn” according to Bill Nelson.

A UFO manager will be appointed to lead the work to better understand UFOs and more data will be collected from anomalous aerial phenomena by both Nasa and other authorities.

– For the first time, NASA has taken concrete steps to seriously investigate UFOs, says Bill Nelson.