We finally know why you may have red eyes in photos

We finally know why you may have red eyes in

The reason your eyes turn red in photos is scientific. And she has the gift of disgusting some people.

Why do we regularly have red eyes in photos? Remember, you’ve probably seen a family photo, a portrait, or a birthday photo with friends and discovered that one of the people in the photo had red eyes. Maybe it was even you. The photo was probably taken in a dark environment and the flash was activated. All this time, you probably thought it was him who was ruining your best photos. Make no mistake, the truth is very different and astonishing.

Actually, there’s a very specific reason why your pupils turn red in photos, and it’s completely scientific. This is what TikToker Nicholas Grant explains in a video. If you’re in a dark room, your pupil opens very wide to let in light and that’s when you use a flash. Normally, if your eye sees a bright light, it closes. But a flash is too fast for the pupil to react in time. It is therefore the open pupil which causes the red eye. “This is why some cameras have a double flash, one to close the pupil and one to take the photo,” he says.


Now that the mystery surrounding the red eye is solved, a central question remains. Why the color red, and not blue or yellow? It is exactly this detail that has the gift of nauseating some people. The red tone is caused “by the blood vessels in your eyes. It turns out that the color you see is actually the flash lighting up the inside of your eyes and taking on a red appearance because of the blood vessels in your eyes,” he explains. However, for theAmerican Academy of Ophthalmologyhaving a red eye when you take a photo with the flash is actually a good thing, it means that your eyes are healthy, your retinas in particular are clear and healthy.

Experts also indicate that in low light conditions, our pupils become larger or dilate to help our rods capture more light. If you take a photo with the flash when a person’s pupils are dilated, the flash will bounce off the back of their eyes or onto their retina. Human retinas are therefore red because of the layer of blood vessels there. A scientific explanation that will allow you to shine in society during your next family meal!