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VSe second five-year term like no other is far from over, yet 2027 and its cohort of putative candidates are already moving forward. Behind the scenes, some learn to dodge trippers, others become familiar with the art of conspiracy, in short, everyone prepares post-Emmanuel Macron with rigor and determination. The political department of L’Express offers to help you follow, thanks to a weekly meeting on our websitethe progress of these ambithose who hope to climb, quickly and without injury, the steps of power.

The Macronists do not like Chiraquian music

The praise of Jacques Chirac’s Arab policy, the reservations of Dominique de Villepin, all this little music ends up annoying those close to Emmanuel Macron, who want to believe that their president knows how to make himself heard in the Middle East. One of them underlines, as if not touching it: “It is striking to note that the greatest marker of Jacques Chirac’s foreign policy, with this certainly very beautiful speech by Villepin at the UN, was inoperative! This did not prevent the war in Iraq…”

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On the far right, small intentions are done quietly

It is frowned upon, on the right and the extreme right, to associate with Reconquest. Eric Zemmour’s party which, since its failure in the presidential election, has not abandoned the idea of ​​uniting Republicans and Lepénists behind it, will still present (alone) its list carried by Marion Maréchal in the European elections in June 2024. In the meantime, he is widely avoided by the elected officials he wishes to bring together. In public at least. Because that does not prevent Jordan Bardella from having a kind word in the corridors of the European Parliament towards Zemmourist MEPs, or François-Xavier Bellamy, probable head of the Republican list for the European elections, or from having lunch with Nicolas Bay (Reconquest MEP). ). We must never insult the future.

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Macron, Borne and the loustics

An early supporter of Emmanuel Macron is satisfied with the evolution of relations between the president and his Prime Minister, after a difficult start: “They have become tamed. When you have to police the louts, he has his general supervisor on hand!”

The group lives badly… and Borne laughs about it!

Many within the government regret a glaring lack of esprit de corps within the team led by Elisabeth Borne. The choice is an absence of “solidarity”, “camaraderie”, even a feeling of “loneliness”. But, at least, this seems accepted, according to this little tirade in the form of a joke launched by Elisabeth Borne to some of her ministers: “We cannot say that the collective is our thing, we are going to say that That’s not what characterizes us,” she cried. As Jacques Brel said, humor is the healthiest form of lucidity.

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Immigration law: in government, weariness is felt

As you read above, the government is bogged down in its immigration law, to the point that several ministers quietly confide that the situation seems inextricable to them. Should we still, at the end of the day, go to the vote? Use 49.3 at the risk of seeing a motion of censure being adopted and bringing down the government? Some, disillusioned, opt for another option…

“In my opinion, we have every interest in the text being rejected in the Senate so that we can finally get rid of this bill,” whispers a full-time minister whose weariness is fully felt. “It only brings us problems for a year. What gain have we obtained on this subject since Darmanin and Dussopt presented it? Are we judged more credible today? Are we judged more effective?” It is not certain that the Minister of the Interior buys the scenario… nor the President of the Republic.