We build Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car in Lego

We build Lewis Hamiltons Formula 1 car in Lego

The model’s full name is Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance, which is the car that Lewis Hamilton – and George Russell for that matter – raced in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Mercedes is not the only Formula 1 team that Lego has collaborated with recently. We also recently test-built Ayrton Senna’s legendary McLaren from 1988, from the Legos Icons series.

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A tiny Lego build

The Mercedes model is part of the Technic series, which is Lego’s most advanced series of building kits. The kit contains 1,643 pieces, and the age limit is set at 18+ due to its complexity.

The instruction book for building Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car boasts a whopping 460 building steps spread over 357 pages, and the 1,643 pieces are spread over 13 different bags. There are also 74 stickers to mount.

The Technic series offers Lego’s most advanced models – Photo: Erik Punt

This amount of pieces is comparable to other Lego Technic models such as the Ferrari 488 GTE, but is less than half the number of parts in the Technic model of the Lamborghini Sián.

The build is undoubtedly quite an extensive project, and it took me and my better half around six hours to complete. With this in the luggage, the recommendation is to build together with someone else according to the motto shared joy is double joy.

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Learn for life

What is striking during the construction process is that the model is full of working technical details.

Both the strut suspension and the steering are fully functional, which together with a real differential and an engine whose pistons move up and down contribute to a definite sense of realism. You really feel like you are building a miniature version of the real thing.

What you also realize during the building process is that a Lego Technic model is a very good way to get a feel for how different technical solutions work. For example, you can study how the suspension, with its moving springs and shock absorbers, works when the chassis is loaded.

The model offers an impressive wealth of detail – Photo: Erik Punt

However, I may miss some of the more playful details that the Icons model of Senna’s McLaren offers. There you get, for example, a Lego old man in the shape of Senna in his own tall person, which you can place behind the steering wheel.

The Mercedes model is certainly larger, which means a traditional sized Lego figure won’t fit, but they could have come up with something to fill the seat.

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A two-in-one experience

Seen at the price of SEK 2,599, the Lego Technic model of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance offers a real moment of entertainment. And when you are finished with the construction, you have a large, beautiful model that can act as an interior detail. A two-in-one experience, in other words.

The construction is a rather time-consuming project, and you must therefore not have too much running in your legs.

We found Lego building to be an excellent activity in the evenings during the mountain holiday, after long days on the ski slopes.

The invitation is therefore to take a Lego Technic model with you on your next mountain trip. Then ski the slopes during the day, then spend the evenings building technologically refined Lego.

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