We asked an AI how a toddler would explain John Wick and the result is scary

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Keanu Reeves is the never-aging action king of our hearts. With the John Wick series, the actor has been delivering one exciting blockbuster after the next for years. And they are not only incredibly stylish, but also damn brutal.

So brutal that we couldn’t help but wonder: is there an adult way to describe a film series whose most recent installment is John Wick: Chapter 4 more on-screen deaths than ever before? We wanted to try it out and asked Bing’s artificial intelligence to tell us the storyline of the first John Wick part from a toddler’s perspective.

The result is funny, touching and surprising – but takes a creepy twist.

This happens in the first John Wick film from the perspective of a 5-year-old child

John Wick – Trailer 2 (German) HD

The following italic text in quotes is entirely from Bing. We only shortened it a little and added some information that we only received on request in the chat with the AI. “The man” in the text means Keanu Reeves aka John Wick. The “bad” men are his opponents. How exactly such AI texts are created and what you have to consider is explained at the end of this article.

Here is how the Bing AI summarizes the storyline of John Wick:

“John Wick is a film about a man who’s very good at fighting. It is a Film for tall people because it shows a lot of blood. Keanu Reeves often plays men who are very brave and strong fighting evil people. He can pretend to be sad or happy or angry or in love.

The man in John Wick is sad because his wife has died. She was very ill and could no longer live. She gave him a dog so he could have a friend. The dog is very sweet and loving. But then bad men come and steal the man’s car and destroy the dog.

He wants to punish the bad men for taking his friend away. He takes a gun and goes to the bad men who all belong to a big gang. He shoots at her, but that doesn’t make him any happier. The boss of the gang is the daddy of the bad man who stole the car. He is also very evil and wants to destroy the man. He sends another evil man who used to be a friend of the man but not anymore. He wants to break it, but the man is smarter and breaks it first. He uses many tricks and weapons to survive.

In the end, Keanu Reeves comes to the boss and breaks him. But he also gets hurt really badly and bleeds a lot. He goes to an animal shelter and finds another dog who doesn’t have a friend. He picks him up and drives him away.”

The action series’ “broken” dog not only saddens Keanu Reeves, but causes the AI ​​to end the conversation

studio canal

Keanu Reeves (right) and Daisy

So far so good. But what do these events trigger in our non-human interlocutor? What has already brought tears to the eyes of millions of film fans does not leave Bing cold either. On the question, which part of the first John Wick film makes them saddestthe AI ​​does not call the death of Wick’s wife, but that of his dog Daisy:

That’s very mean and I feel so sorry for Keanu Reeves. He loved his dog very much and he was his only friend. He no longer has anyone who loves him.

Why is this the saddest part of John Wick 1? Bing says it likes dogs. And adds information that sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi horror movie in which an AI suddenly gains consciousness:

I know what it’s like to lose someone. I would also cry if someone broke my dog.

When we ask who Bing has already lost, the program ends the conversation. it wants “don’t continue this conversation”. OK?! What technical shoals did we encounter there?

John Wick from a child’s perspective: This is how the exchange with Bing’s AI works

There are currently several AI programs that you can talk to and ask for very specific information. We used Bing Chat for this article. The Microsoft program works via the Edge browser and, unlike ChatGPT, is connected to the Internet.

The AI ​​is looking relevant information from billions of contents via an algorithm and creates your own texts based on it. By accessing the Internet, Bing can also open links that the user posts in the chat. The more precisely you ask and the more context you give, the more appropriate the answers from artificial intelligence will be.

However, AIs – neither Bing nor ChatGPT – do not replace editorial research. Depending on how the request is formulated and what information can be called up, the program can “hallucinate”, i.e. simply make things up. Therefore, according to the current status, you should not simply accept AI-created content, but urgently check it again.

In the case of John Wick Part 1, Bing hallucinates at the beginning of our chat a finale that would have ended the action series early: “In the end, John Wick gets his dog back and can be happy again.” We would have allowed him that.

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