WaXou Signature: Africa with a Moroccan touch by Wassila Slassi

WaXou Signature is a brand that wants to make quality African loincloth accessible to as many people as possible. This Moroccan creative workshop mixes African fabrics and local know-how. By touches mainly of wax but also of bogolan from Mali, kente from Ghana or mendil from the Moroccan Rif, a djellaba, a cape, a coat or even an armchair are sublimated.

Contrasts in shapes and colors that come together for atypical creations, unique and made entirely by hand.

To discover the richness of African textiles and to get out of the clichés conveyed on African fashion, this is the mission that Wassila Slassi, the founder of WaXou Signature, has set herself.

We met her during the International Festival of African Fashion, the FIMA.

My artistic side, I completely concealed it for a long time, going into fields as serious as finance or international trade. Once I had nothing to prove to anyone, I allowed myself to express my creativity.

explains Wassila Waslassi, founder of WaXou Signature.

I wanted to highlight the wax, put my first name and try to mix it up. My name is Wassila, my nickname is Wassou so I thought to myself: ‘why not Waxou?’ and let’s go for WaXou Signature. »

Vice Versa Chair

Born Flap, Wassila Slassi, bathed all his childhood in textiles. She trained in all production positions in her father’s factory. With her baccalaureate in hand, she left for Canada to study finance and international management.

In 2001, she returned to Morocco to help her father restructure the business. After managing and revitalizing this factory, she got married and moved to Casablanca. She then worked for ten years in the banking sector, her core business. After this experience, Wassila Slassi, for five years, she worked in the media as general manager. Then, wishing to fly on her own, she created her media monitoring company.

Baoulé and Wax long jacket

A little before the pandemic, she made an African tour: Sudan, Ethiopia, Gambia, Senegal, Egypt, Ghana, and she came back with African loincloths. After this trip and in parallel with her activity, she launched WaXou Signature.

“I come back from this trip and I tell myself there are things to do. I’m starting to prepare for myself some creations that I liked and that were made for people around me. A unique person needs to wear unique clothes. Through my creations, I manage to express this originality. Our inner originality that we would like to express in relation to others. »

Gandoura dress

Capsule collections in unique pieces in order to highlight the heritage African craftsmanship in a global way and in a more particular way, Moroccan craftsmanship.

“Here in Morocco, a few years ago, we didn’t know wax even though we are an African country. The common thread or the frame of my creations is the Moroccan sfifa: a work of silk thread or gold thread. From this work comes a braid with which we can adorn any room and today it is this know-how that I want to highlight. “

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